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Subway Surfers Player Count Documentations

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A user by the name Jacob_ is documented saying "Subway surfers is at 695 active players" on May 18, 2022.
A person by the name of Act_ is documenting a subway surfers milestone saying "They finally made Subway Surfers an official game" with a picture of the most active games on, with subway surfers having 2,060 active players on May 24, 2022.
A user named pocogamer saying "First game with 10k active players" indicating that subway surfers is the first game on to ever reach 10,000 active players. Pocogamer also added an image showing the player count at 10,087 active players.
This screenshot was taken using the Wayback Machine. This capture was recorded on September 1, 2020 showing the top runners in the No Coins categroy.