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Chocobo Racing

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Chocobo Racing game cover.

Chocobo Racing is a racing game developed by Square Co. for the PlayStation. The game was released in Japan in March 1999, followed by North America and Europe in August and October, respectively. [1]

During the Nintendo Direct broadcast on September 23, 2021 a new Chocobo Racing sequel, Chocobo GP, was unveiled for the Nintendo Switch as an exclusive title. [2]



There are two categories: Story mode and handicapless story mode. With handicap turned on in the game setting, the game character can be faster.


The speed of Chocobo and Moogle is very similar. However, Moogle is easier to control. The reason why some runners choose Goblin is to prevent NPC to choose Goblin. It's because when NPC uses Goblin, NPC must use the ability of Goblin.


Chocobo's ability is Dash and the ability cooldown is 16 seoncds. Chocobo will have a temporary speed and acceleration boost. Dashing is always used in speedrunning. However, it is hard to use this ability in the later level. White Mage's ability is barrier and the ability cooldown is 16 seconds. Chubby Chocobo's ability is receive and the ability cooldown is 18 seconds. Behemoth;s ability is charge.

Version difference

The speed of the in-game timer in English and Japanese version of this game is different. But as the in-game time is almost not used, it doesn't affect the timing of the speedrun.

The loading speed of English version is a little bit slower.

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