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Answered Prayers

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Answered Prayers game cover.

Answered Prayers is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Klaufir in RPG Maker 2003. [1]

Timing and guide

(This guide was made by starsmiley. Source:

  • Timer starts on selecting "Begin".
  • Press Z to mash through the text and instructions.
  • Go up to the church. At the altar, press Z to ascend.
  • Once you've ascended, go down to leave. Go down to the bottom left green door and enter it. Go right until you're a little past the green thing with four squares surrounding it, then go down. Get the Tall Geta prayer. Make sure to keep using that every time you enter a room unless stated otherwise.
  • After that, go up and left until you see the shifting sprites door. Interact with it.
  • Go right and down until you see the glitchy white tile. Step on it. Then interact with the black cat to the right to get the Chromakey Dreamcoat prayer. Press 9 to return to the altar, and press Z again to ascend.
  • Leave the altar and go down right to the red door. Go left and interact with the swing. After it stops swinging, continue left to get the Phantom prayer. Go right inside the house.
  • Press the red button, then leave.
  • Go left, then at the 4-way, go up. Go left and follow the path until the split, and continue left. At the end of the hallway, interact with the door. Interact with the Jellyfish, then leave.
  • Go back right and at the fork, go down. Continue down until the 4-way past the Jellyfish, then go right. At the fork, go up. At the top, go through the door and get the Rusty Key. Leave.
  • Go back down and left. At the 4-way, go back up, then go in the right passageway. Go through the door and interact with the Jellyfish.
  • Follow the path, then go up and left to find the light Jellyfish. Interact to get the Tentacles prayer. Use Phantom and Shift to return to the doors.
  • Go up right to the purple doorway. Go down and left to get the first fire, then up and left to get the next. Up and right for the next, then go about straight down for the next one. Go down left to find the white angel surrounded by the fire and interact with it.
  • Go up into the building and grab the white halo to learn the Halo prayer. Use Phantom and Shift to go back to the doors, then go back through the purple doorway. Go right and interact with the reddish garbage can.
  • Go down and left until you see the two green trees. Interact with them, then go up and right to the brown door.
  • Go left and down to interact with the umbrella to get the Karakasa prayer. Use Phantom and Shift to return to the doors.
  • Go down and right to the red door. Go left to the black door and enter. Feel around for the path, then get the Light prayer. Use it and go up and right. Get to the white door.
  • Go down. On the next screen, go right, and at the fork, go down. After going over the bridge, go right, then down. Interact with the angel to get the Monochrome prayer. Use Phantom and Shift to go back to the doors.
  • Go up and left to the black door.
  • Go left, then at the fork, go down and through the door.
  • Go right, then up, then right, down, right. Interact with the shovel to learn the Shovel prayer.
  • Go back left, up, left, down, left, left, up, left, down, down, left. Interact with the gameboy.
  • Go down, then up into the next house. Go down the stairs, then right across the boats. Go up the stairs. Interact with the creature to get the "Koraiyn" prayer. Go back down the stairs and left across the boats. At the houses, go down and into the house below and up to leave.
  • Go right, up, up, and up.
  • Interact with the Birthday Cake to get the Food prayer. Go down.
  • On the streets, go up, then at the top, go right. Follow the path, and keep going up, then right. Go down the narrow passageway, then go left into a door. Go up and interact with the lady. Leave the elevator, then go left. At the very end, enter the door.
  • Go around to learn the Guitar prayer. Use Phantom and Shift to leave.
  • Go up and interact with the thing. Timer ends on interacting with it.

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