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'''World Record strat - 0:37 - Not Available'''
'''World Record strat - 0:37 - Not Available'''
Please not that the vid linked below does not show the strat used to get 37.  A strat will be availible soon.
A strat will be available soon.
* World Record Video: [http://www.thengamer.com/GE/03-Runway/Bryan%20Bosshardt%20-%20Runway%2000%20Agent%200.37%20(Music).wmv Bryan Bosshardt - Runway - 00 - 0:37]
* World Record Video: [http://www.thengamer.com/GE/03-Runway/Jimmy%20Bauer%20-%20Runway%2000%20Agent%200.38-1.avi Jimmy Bauer - Runway - 00 - 0:38]
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Runway (Part iii of Mission 1: Arkangelsk) is the third level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record strat - 0:22

1.1 players must use Cruise Control for this mission for any chance at 22 and certainly an easier chance at 23.

Begin with both cinemas cut RIGHT AWAY so you can pick up the grenades easily in a left strafe. Also lookdown more than 45 degrees if you can. Make the next turn in a left strafe WITHOUT changing strafe. This is because it's a tenth or so faster than changing strafe, no joke. Half way down the chute begin to hold the grenade and release it looking ALL THE WAY DOWN once you have established a good line to the door. It should land near the door. Go back to the 45 degree lookdown, and open the door by briefly turning more to the left and proceed inside still in left strafe. Get the key, and change to a right strafe. This can sometimes not pick up if you looked too far down. This was a big problem for me when going for 22. Head out the door in right strafe, getting a boost from the nade you put there before the next turn ahead.

Line yourself up for the plane and look straight up still in right strafe. Hold a grenade for .5 to 1 second and release it straight up in the air. Don't hold C-down (1.1) or down on the stick (1.2) when making the throw. Immediately hold the next grenade until the first grenade is at its peak before falling back towards you and release. Throw a 3rd grenade about 88 degrees in the air (a little in front of you) about .5 to 1 second after the last, just like you did for the 1st grenade. You should get 2 or even 3 boosts while using a 45 degree lookdown. Sometimes grenades don't come out the way you want to and can even give you backboosts, side boosts, or no boosts at all. Also, some boosts are better quality than others. On my 22 I even got a guard boost before the 3rd grenade boost, making 4 for the stretch! That guard boost is most likely needed for 22, or a drone boost later near the plane. Repeat the process for the next 2 grenades, ignoring the one you'd throw 88 degrees. I got a drone boost instead of the 2nd grenade boost here.

Hopefully you have accumulated 5-7 boosts during the run to this point. Just start tapping B when you get near the plane and watch your 23 appear or just maybe the WR if you were a LUCKY sob!

Secret Agent

World Record Strat - 0:23

This time was formerly believed to be impossible with the control style 1.1, and was thought to only be possible with the control style 1.2. This was later disproven. If you are using 1.1, you must use Cruise Control.

Cut the cinemas and go right into left strafe picking up the grenades. Look down about 45 degrees, take out the grenades, and turn right down the slide still in right strafe. When you get halfway down the ramp, throw a grenade in the general direction of the door in hope of a boost later.

Sill in left strafe, you want to open to door and go in. You have to sort of flick the stick left for a split second while opening the door in order to get it open. Once in, run straight to the key, and then switch to right strafe to get out of there. Passing through the door, switch back to left strafe, which you will stay in until the end of the run. Hopefully the grenade you threw earlier will explode giving you a nice boost.

Now, you want to boost yourself with the grenades as you’re running down the runway. The easiest and most consistent way to do this is to look straight down at the ground, prime the grenade for about 4 seconds, and then let go. With practice, you should be able to get two of these done well, and that’s all you have time for.

Now look up. There’s no way to explain it, but only to practice where you start priming the grenade. Basically, you should see battery to the right, and you want to take that out. So hold the grenade, and let go after about 3 seconds or so. Now just start tapping B and praying to God that you’ll get a few more boosts and that thrown grenade will take out the battery. If all goes well, you should complete at least a 24. To get 23, you will need at least 1 or 2 more boosts from guards/drones in addition to those 3 self boosts you got earlier.

This is one of the most common of Goldeneye’s World Records, so for a lot of experienced gamers, it’s not out of the question. Good luck if you’re trying to score one of GE’s WRs!

00 Agent

World Record strat - 0:37 - Not Available

A strat will be available soon.

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