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KotH: Mind-blowingly enjoyable!

A KotH (short for King of the Hill) is a challenge (often, but not always, trivia) run by an Elite member. Each KotH is composed of a set of questions (usually all related by a similar topic or theme), and is administered in the Elite chatroom by a host. Answers are given in one of two styles; either the fastest answer in chat wins (referred to as chat-style), or answers are given in a private AIM instant messaging window with the host, and everyone who answers correctly earns points (referred to as IM-style or Infil-style). A wide variety of KotHs have been given on a diverse range of topics, from sports and videogames to literature and history. In addition, many different styles have been used, from naming items from a long list, to identifying artists/titles of MP3 or MIDI songs.

Every year (usually in the late summer months, after the Elite Summer Contest has ended), an official KotH Season is run by the Elite. Each night for a number of weeks, a KotH is administered by an appointed Elite member, and the top-ranked players earn KotH points. At the end of a season, the player who has earned the most points wins. The European community of the Elite also hosts "Euro KotH", which is open to all Elite members, but runs on a European-friendly time schedule.

In July 2007, Infil began work on a program (entitled KotHBot) which would streamline the administering of KotH challenges and give an interface for timers, leaderboards, and a variety of other statistics. He completed a Beta of the bot the following month and had a full-featured client in place in time for the 2008 KotH season. It was a major hit.

Previous Seasons

Visit each yearly article for complete rankings and results!

KotH Scoring

  • First Place - 8 points
  • Second Place - 6 points
  • Third Place - 4 points
  • Fourth Place - 2 points
  • Fifth Place - 1 points
  • Sixth Place - Pat on the Back