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== Agent ==
== Agent ==
'''World Record Strat - 0:23'''
'''World Record - 0:23'''
Completion on this level is virtually 100% pure luck.  The luck needed is not even good odds, but extremely poor odds.  In order to get a time you seek, be prepared to spend 10 hours, 20 hours, 120 hours, or in extreme cases, 197 hours.
Completion on this level is virtually 100% pure luck.  The luck needed is not even good odds, but extremely poor odds.  In order to get a time you seek, be prepared to spend 10 hours, 20 hours, 120 hours, or in extreme cases, 197 hours.

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Frigate (Part i of Mission 4: Monte Carlo) is the seventh level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record - 0:23

Completion on this level is virtually 100% pure luck. The luck needed is not even good odds, but extremely poor odds. In order to get a time you seek, be prepared to spend 10 hours, 20 hours, 120 hours, or in extreme cases, 197 hours.

Start out cutting the cinemas. The first part takes practice and skill. Turn 90 degrees right. Go up the ramp with right strafe, then left when you change, move another 90 degrees left for a split second, then get back on line and make your way up those stairs.

Open the door without getting stuck on it. Shoot 2-4 bullets at this guard hopefully killing him. Strafe down this hall, and open the door on your right. Quickly shoot 2-3 shots at the guard on the left, ignoring that on the right. The guy on the right ruins many runs, because he often throws grenades at you, ruining all hopes of completion. If this is the case, quit out.

As soon as you killed that left guard, move into that room and turn right. Stop there, and shoot 2-3 shots at the guard holding that hostage hostage, hopefully killing him. You want to shoot as few shots total in this level to avoid alerting other guards who can get in the way of the hostages and thus make it impossible to complete.

Turn around and open the door you didn't open earlier. Pause and select the tracker bug. Unpause. Now you need to do what is known as the bug toss. Aim about 55-60 degrees up, and to the left of that white tower. Move forward slightly, and throw. With practice, you can get this baby to land on the chopper over 90% of the time. Now start back strafing until you see "OBJECTIVE B COMPLETE." Then turn around and strafe down the stairs, down the ramp, to the end of the level.

If at any time after all this has gone well, you see the message "OBJECTIVE A COMPLETE," you should be very happy. Even if it doesn't come up, there is still a chance it will complete up as you finish and the level is fading away. Note that for 23, the odds of hostage escapage are EXTREMELY unlikely.

It probably won't complete. So just keep playing the level over and over, doing the whole process correctly. The theory is that eventually after many hours you will get a completion. The reward is that you get to watch the best end cinema in the entire game and see your cool new PR or WR.

Secret Agent

World Record Strat - 1:03

This is the world record strategy for Frigate SA, which can obtain a time of at least 1:03.

  • Note you should always be strafing at all times possible, except when killing some of the hostage takers.

You start off strafing up the ramp, take a left and keep going straight up the stairs. Open the door and shoot the guard. Open the far door at the end of this halllway (which leads down to the helicopter). Pause and select your tracker bug. You're going to now perform the bug toss, which is explained in the agent section. Walk back a little bit as it completes, open the door to your right and kill the hostage taker. Continue in and kill the next hostage taker. Hopefully this is done cleanly and quickly. Continue along, exiting the 2nd hostage room, taking a right and then another right down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs change to left strafe. Continue down following the path. Wound the last guard before the door with a bullet so he doesn't hit you. Open the next door (which opens backwards and takes practice) quickly kill the hostage taker, and continue along. You may or may not want to kill the next one.

  • This hostage will NEVER escape for you ever, and saving him may result in him being in your path when you return from the engine room.

If you choose not to kill him, try to not getting stuck when strafing through the guard and hostage. This guard can backboost you sometimes leaving engine room.

Kill the left guard after this 4th hostage, and open the door leading to engine room. Back up a little bit after you open it (another backwards-opening door) and then pause. Select the Phantom gun in your pause, then the bomb defuser. Unpause and defuse the bomb at the end of the pathway. You now will backtrack out of the room, and take the stairs to your left heading up stairs. At the top of the stairs, there are pipes blocking the way to another room at the other side of the ship.

You will need to warp through these pipes to access this other room. To do this, you will need to be in left strafe, between the middle pipe and the far right pipe. You must be looking at normal height (no lookdown) and you will want to backswitch you weapon from phantom, back to D5K silenced, while full left strafing into the little space between the pipes. This takes alot of practice to do fast and conistantly. Hopefully you get through first try. Continue to the end of this room, and take a left and follow the stairs up to the top. You will now want to go through the door to your right which sometimes is open. Try not to close it on yourself if its open, but you have little time to react so be careful! It is generally closed however. Go down the stairs ahead, then up the stairs to the next room. With your phantom out, you will want to charge the hostage taker and pause right infront of him. Pause, pull out bomb defuser and unpause. Hopefully you are not shot around by the other 2 guards in this room. Defuse the bomb, and continue to the end of the room taking the right door, go down the stairs, and finally back into the boat you started from.

If you are extremely lucky, all 4 hostages which you saved will escape. Note that if you saved 5 hostages, the one before engine bomb does not escape, so its like you really only saved 4 hostages.

The chances of 4 hostages escaping is about 1% or less.

00 Agent

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