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dha is an italian speedrunner[1] who is known for his incredible dedication for lowering world records, verifying runs and his tremendous skill at speedrunning flash games. He holds a total of 262 World Records, 149 of which being in Full Game categories. They are all documented on his channel, DHA SPEEDRUNS, as well as various old Personal Bests and improvements.

His most esteemed World Records are Bugs Bunny Any% & 100% and Fancy Pants World 2 Any% & 100%. The latter runs were so remarkable that another runner by the name of Maximum produced a video about the multiple year competition for them.

Games History

  • Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a well known game for its exponential increase in pending runs, overwhelming every moderation team in, yet dha was able to provide unimaginable support by verifying a dazzling 20,000 runs. This feat, combined with the runs he had already verified, was enough to double the verification count of Reni, the 2nd best verifier in all of

  • Cookie Clicker

In Cookie Clicker, dha is well known for developing Cookie Clicker Speedrun Spreadsheets and Calculators making use of Google Sheets and Python, hosted in All of these tools can be found in here.

Kongregate Tournaments

  • 54th Infinity War Tournament

This event was hosted by Cal010, and this competition is based on the famous Marvel Movie: "Avengers: Infinity War" where Thanos has to collect all 6 infinity stones in order to kill half the population of the universe in the snap of a finger. In this case, Thanos is replaced by dha, who is against all the other participants. [2]

Points System

The event was divided into 5 rounds and in each one of them dha and the other partipants have to play a specific game, which is elected by the same participants. If dha gets the highest score out of every other competitor he gains 2 infinity stones, if he gets the 2nd highest score he gains 1 infinity stone, otherwise he doesn't gain anything.

  • 55th Doomsday Kongregate Tournament

This tournament was hosted by timoteef, and it was the last tournament in Kongregate.[3]


The players were competing in different 5 games, which were voted by the players themselves. The chosen games were:

  • Canabalt (Competition for the best distance)
  • Achievement Unlocked (Competition for the lowest time)
  • Escape the Red Giant (Competition for the best highscore)
  • Bloody Fun Day (Competition for the highest Score in Unlimited Mode)
  • Hexagon (Competition for the best time)


The winner was dha, and the rankings can be seen here

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