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Dam (Part i of Mission 1: Arkangelsk) is the first level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record - 0:53

I recommend using 1.1 CC or 1.2 for this one, start out in left strafe using lookdown when heading for the tunnel and hope for a boost. You can either play the beginning over and over again until you get a boost or hope for one later. Turn right, into the tunnel, still using look down, strafe just a little bit to the left to pass the guard to his left up ahead if he doesn't run out of your way.

After you turn right again, out of the tunnel, start looking normally again because for some reason you can't get a fast big gate if you use look down. Make that right turn just as sharp so that you are close to the right side of the tunnel wall in the beginning but start immediately strafing a little bit to the left and strafe straight across the area, but be careful to not go too much to the left before the big gate because there's boxes that you can get stuck on.

Anyway, press the button to the right side of the gate and immediately take a sharp left turn to go to the left side of the gate where the gate starts to open. Hope it opens fast, you can get stuck for like 2-3 tenths of a second and still have a chance at 0:53. Now comes the hardest part and the part where you can do most to win time.

Go through the big gate in right strafe, use look down and stay as close as possible to the wall but try to avoid contact with it since you might get stuck on it, or even if you don't get stuck it can slow down your speed. Turn left after passing trough the big double gates and aim for the middle of the next gate, just before reaching it you should take a sharp right turn and at the same time press B to open the gate. Get through it smoothly without getting stuck at all by starting to turn right just before reaching it to open it from a distance so that when you reach it's right side there will be a small enough opening for you to slip through without getting stuck at all.

Now strafe for almost the middle of the lock gate, just a little bit to the right, if you go to the right too much for the lock shot you will lose time because You'll have to aim for the middle and then turn right for the lock shot and then go to the middle again. So go for almost the middle of the gate for the lock shot and press B at almost the same time as you shoot the lock to open it immediately after the shot and run trough it like there was no door at all, run through it like water, be like water.

Now I'd recommend look up for the end, I think there's less slow down this way, it's easier to stay as close as possible to the wall this way too than with look down when you've gotten used to it, it's quite easy to differ the railing from the sky using look up. So after the lock shot, just run almost straight ahead while looking up while you slowly get closer to the wall, you should be very close to it when the first corner appears. Then just stay close to it, learn when the next corner comes up and turn immediately when it does so that you're close to the wall, just be careful not to touch it since then you'll lose time. Know when the stairs are close and when you pass the last corner before the stairs don't turn close to the wall anymore but just let yourself a go a little bit away from it and use look down for the last part so that you can see when to turn into the stairs, make it a real fast turn and fall of the Dam.

All things must work together in one try for 0:53, try to get at least one boost but complete the run anyway even if you didn't if it went smoothly otherwise. Always get fast into the right strafe lines, take the shortest possible route but that should be quite obvious and logical, just use your mind and develop your own feeling for the level. I used 1.1 CC for my 0:53, I think it's easier since all you need to do is hold down one strafe button and steer with the control stick and you should have a finger free for the B button but if you feel comfortable with 1.2 then it should work just as well. Get that just a little bit better than the average 0:54 run and 0:53 could be yours, if you still didn't get it, try again, try it from time to time but if you start to get frustrated then I'd recommend a break from it and play it again when you feel like it.


Secret Agent

World Record - 1:16

Expect to spend a lot of hours if you seriously go for this record, as it is quite possibly the best GE record. Anyway, start in by quickly looking down and in left strafe, you want to use as much lookdown as possible here, specifically at a 45 degree angle. There is a decent but still rather small chance that this guard will give you a boost, and if he does, great, but you can still get 1:17 without it. Continue along, and hope this guard in the tunnel doesn't backboost you. If he does back you, quit out immediatly since you aren't getting 1:17. Now you want to start looking up as you approach this guard, as well, so that the gate opens ASAP. You want to be as close to the boxes to your left as you strafe through this area, as well, just make sure not to hit them or you wont get 1:17. Approach the gate button and press B on it as far away as possible, if the gate doesn't open right away, quit out. If it does open fast, strafe through with almost full lookdown here. Use lookdown to line yourself up with the wall to your left. Once you reach the part where the wall curves, look back up. There should be a guard running by right in front of you, if you get stuck on him quit out. You can get a boost here as well. If you hear the guard shooting at you for a bit, veer to the right so that the boost doesnt mess your line up.

Now this first alarm is crucial for this record. You need to quickly run forward and shoot it out with preferably 5 shots. If you take more than 6 shots you aren't going to get 1:17, but can easily get 1:18. A dot is also very helpful for the alarms on this level. Now you need to shoot this locked gate on strafe. What i do is aim a little above the normal plane, shoot when you see the dot hit the edge of the lock, or just feel it out, then hit B as soon as you hit Z, so it opens ASAP. Veer sharply to the right, then sharply back to the left. This way, you will go right through the hole of the gate as it opens. If you get stuck on the gate at all, quit out. You need a mid or so 38 quit out here to even have a chance at 117. Now use full lookdown on the dam, and line yourself up with the wall to your left. Just try not to get too close, or you'll get stuck. Now you should approach the 2nd alarm soon, and it is very crucial that you learn how to set these alarms up. The best way to get 1:17 is to left strafe till the door is a little in front of you, and then start running forward (NOT STRAFING) to the left-center side of the door. If you strafe too far to the left you wont see the alarm, and thus cant shoot it, but also if you strafed too far to the right you wont see it till the door it open halfway. The goal is to see the alarm right as the crack of the door opens. Also, line yourself up with the height of the alarm before the door even opens. Now as you press B on this door, shoot the pp7 like a madman. What you want to do is back up right on the 5th shot, because if you back up too early the shots will lag and you wont get 1:17. Hopefully the shots come out of the PP7 very fast (they have to come out insanely for 117 speed).

Now the 3rd alarm is basically the same as the 2nd, just a little more complicated since the door is at a more awkward angle. But basically, use the same strat for 3rd alarm. Now you will approach the hardest part of this record, the last alarm. This thing will cost you great runs, trust me. But once you get used to it, it isn't very hard. What you want to do is strafe to the corner, then quickly run forward to the alarm door. Try and aim for the center of the door, and also try and open the door from rather far away, so you can see the alarm early. Shoot the pp7 like theres no tomorrow, and hope you are aiming at the alarm right away. This alarm will never be really consistent this way, since you cant really hesitate for 117. All you can do is hope you are aiming at it already. If you miss a bullet, readjust yourself as quickly as possible and hope the next 5 bullets come out very fast. Back up just as you shoot the 4th bullet, and shoot the 5th while backing up. Now you want to use lookdown again, and in right strafe, strafe towards the stairs to exit the level. This turn might ruin some good runs for you, as it isnt hard to get stuck on the stairs a bit while turning off the dam. Try and turn sharply to the right just as you pass the sewer on the ground, and hope you do a nice sharp turn off the dam with no stucks. There is a small chance you will get a boost off the dam, and also sometimes a guard will see you and try and backboost you while you make your exit. Even with a great run with a boost 1:17 is never guaranteed, but with this strat 1:18 isn't too hard. Good luck!

00 Agent

World Record - 1:55

Cut both cinemas right away. Begin in a left strafe and look down and take the left route before the bridge. 50% of the time you'll get a boost here. If you want some consistency, restarting would be the best option since 7 bars isn't so great later on... continue along into the tunnel and look up once you are in there. If the guard on the right begins to shoot pretty fast, strafe to the left somewhat to dodge his shots and try to injure/kill him if you can. Otherwise just stay close the right wall. As you round the next corner, there is a small chance you'll get boosted here. Restart if this happens because this boost won't help you one bit and like I said before, 7 bars SUCKS before entering the dam (could be even 6 if you got that first boost). Anyways, you could get another boost before getting to the switch. I again suggest a restart.

After hitting the switch, the double doors should open soon after you get to the left side. Straight ahead should be a guard near the tower. You can take him out by running at him or skip/injure him on the strafe. Take out the green guard to get his KF7. Once you see the first alarm, shoot it out on the move with your PP7. If you killed the guard, pause just after opening the gate. If you didn't kill the guard, pause with yourself aimed at the panel just around the corner with the boxes. Select the modem and throw it on the panel for Objective B in the little gap between the closest boxes and the edge of the hut. Getting this far isn't too consistent (25%) if you want to have the WR or near WR speed and 8 bars.

Continue along and shoot out the lock with the PP7, quickly going back into a left strafe. After going through the gate that had the lock, the next place you want to go is the first tower on the right. You can lookdown until you get there if you want. Anyways, at the turn before the door, just run straight for the door so that the alarm is in view quickly. Shoot it out in 5 shots with the PP7, beginning to move after the 4th shot connects into the tower.

Go down the stairs in a right strafe and open the door to the left once you get down there. Take a left and ignore the first guards you see. Once around the boxes on the left still in a right strafe, injure the left guard you see up ahead with your PP7 while hugging the right wall. For the next section, just strafe by the guards behind the boxes and again injure the guard you see on the left hugging the right wall. If your aim is off by much, you'll probably get a back boost here. You should have at least 6 bars at this point.

For the next section, you'll want your KF7 out. There are 2 guards, both behind boxes. You want to take out the one on the left since your strafe line will be blocked otherwise. Once he's shot, continue along for the door just after the red light. Chances are that you'll get hit 1 or 2 times in this area. As long as you have 4 or more bars, you still have a reasonable chance to complete. Head for the mainframe killing the guard up ahead and injuring the guard immediately to the left at the turn before the mainframe and press B so that Objective C will eventually complete after the countdown. Change back to left strafe to head back the same way you came. There isn't much strategy here except strafing the best line you can to the FAR tower.

If you are very low on health and don't mind having a time over 2:04, you can exit from the same tower you came from. There is a spot in the section with 2 boxes on the left and 1 set of stacked boxes where guards could be in the way. Just use for KF7 for them if they are in the way. If you have 2 or more bars by the time you get back to the 1st tower door, keep going. Chances are you'll only get hit once more at this point. It is possible to be hit 3 more times at this point though.

Once you are at the far tower door, change to a right strafe to open the door, and then a left strafe going up the stairs. If you have 6 or more KF7 bullets, use that for the alarm at the top. Get nice and close so every shot hits. Open the door to your right and change to the PP7 to get a warp. Continue in a right strafe making a left turn to head for the 2nd tower (in this case the final tower). Make the left turn and quickly open the door. Hopefully you can aim the alarm quickly and shoot it with your PP7. After hitting it for the 3rd or 4th time, start backing up for the final stairs while shooting out the last alarm for Objective A. Left strafe up the little stairs and to your long fall to the end.

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