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Bunker (1)

Bunker 1 (Part ii of Mission 2: Servernaya) is the fifth level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record - 0:17

Start off, skipping cinemas. Open the first door, then turn left and open the second. Pause right now. Hope as you are pausing you get boosted or shot at, at least once. Select the cam, and unpause.

Turn left and strafe left down the hall. If you didn't get 2 boosts by now, you aren't getting the WR. Turn right, look up at the standard plane, and take the pic as you ar running down the stairs.

Strafe over to where Boris is. Pick up the key by doing a 180 degree turn almost and keep in right strafe. Now strafe to where the black guards are, and pause right in the middle of them.

If you are super lucky, you will get boosted through. If not, pause out. If you got 13 seconds at the pause out, you are going what we believe is fast enough for the WR. Anyways, select the key analyzer. Unpause, and then press Z to analyze while strafing towards the door, hopefully getting anywhere from 3-5 boosts in the process. Open the door, and press A switching guns hoping to do an insane warp and finish.

  • World Record Video

Wouter Jansen - Bunker 1 Agent - 0:17

Secret Agent

World Record Strat - 0:22

Note: AUTO AIM OFF. Unless you are much better than the average player, getting 0:23 on this level will be MUCH MUCH easier with auto aim off, and the mastery of the on-strafe headshot.

As you play this level, you will notice that some of the cinemas will ruin your run right away. The cinemas that do so are the ones that show the guard opening the 2 doors towards your start point; ultimately slowing the guard down so much that he will see you after you emerge from your 1st camera room. If the cinema shows the control room, or the ONE cinema that has the guard only opening 1 door, you will be fine.

Once you get a "good cinema", turn around, open your door and swiftly take out the 1st camera. Open the door to your right, round the corner and walk straight towards the 2nd camera. Make sure that both cameras do not take more than 2 shots (4 shots are allowed for the 2nd camera, but more-than likely you will get a backboost here). Quickly turn around and dodge the almost inevitable backboost (gotta be quick to avoid this) and take out the keycard guy ON THE STRAFE with a headshot. What helps with the headshot is the near perfect aim you will have at the 3rd camera with this too, as the keyguy's head is at almost the same height you aim at as the 3rd camera. If you were fast enough, the 3rd camera should be aiming at you, take it out with 3 shots or less and very quickly turn around / pause. Select the KF7 first, then the camera. When you unpause, the guard you left behind you hopefully will have boosted you down the stairs (If you were BACKBOOSTED first, pause out and restart, I'm sorry). As you are down the stairs, take the pic without breaking strafe and jerk to the table like Agent. On your way to the table, take out your KF7 (easily done by highlighting KF7 before you take out your Camera in the first pause), go around the table, aim up at the glass and shoot like crazy. If you are very lucky, you will have placed a bullet in the lens of the 4th camera and completed the objective. KEEP YOUR NERVES IN CONTROL HERE! As you destroy the last camera, make a swift movement in the direction of the glass door and open it just as you pause. Select the key analyzer here. While pausing, you should get some boosts up the stairs (ultimately avoiding the dreaded backboost) Analyze the key while running to the end hopefully completing a warp to finish.

  • World Record Video

Jim Barrett - Bunker 1 Secret Agent - 0:23

00 Agent

World Record Strat - 1:06

Wait both cinemas, and as the level starts, quickly turn and in right strafe open the first door. Change to left, open the next door and strafe down this hall. It is nice to get a boost here, but isnt in any way needed for 1:07. Hopefully the black hatted guard down these stairs will be pulling a nade, if not you aren't getting 1:07. Now strafe to the left and start running forward and shooting the guard next to Boris. The trick to getting a fast Boris is to kill this guard from as far away as possible. Aim for body shots and hopefully you get him within 3 bullets. If Boris doesnt have his hands all the way up by the time you reach the table, you aren't getting the record. Now stand close to him and kill the guard by the glass door, and just as Bond's message comes up, back up so Boris doesnt have to walk around you. Strafe to the left, just to the right of this pillar here. You will hear guards blowing up, and the game will be laggy, but aim for the lense of the cam across the room and take it out. If you take more than one clip on it, Boris will probably run away, but not always. Now right away strafe towards where the nade went off and killed the guards, and scour the explosion for the Computer Room Keycard. If you don't get it, you wont even have a chance at the record since Boris has to open the door himself.

Pause here, take out your camera and take the picture. Strafe just a little ahead of Boris and pause about midway up these stairs, select the KF7 before the key analyzer so the kf7 comes out right after you copy the key. Open the doors to your right while a bit ahead of boris, and shoot out the 3 mofos in this room as quickly as possible. Stand in the center of the room till Boris reaches the center, and leave the room. There will be guards outside this room like 99% of the time (usually 2-3), so kill them and you should see Bond's message to Boris come up as you do. Go the the left and take out the camera down this hallway. To the right of this camera there is a room with 2 guards, one of which pulls an alarm. The trick is to shoot enough bullets so he hears you and pulls the alarm. If you take out the cam with only one 3 round burst, he may not pull it, so shoot another 3 bullets anyway if you hit it fast. Open the door to your right, shoot the 3rd alarm, then strafe to the right and take out the last. The alarm should be going off as you do so. Now strafe back into the compute room and stand near the far upper-left corner of the room facing the terminals. When the "knockers" message comes up, hit B quickly then hit start (this gives you better timign if you hit B since it takes just enough time to hit B as you want to wait), select the datathief, unpause, and strafe towards the mainframes while mashing Z. Hopefully as you leave the mainframes you will hear the sound it makes when it downloads the stuff, the trick is to be as far away from the MF when it completes, though, since you will save more time (obviously). Now strafe towards the glass door in right and hope you dont get backboosted while leaving the computer room. Sometimes you can even get a boost. The way this ending works is you will get backed 1-2 times like 99% of the time, so dont expect an insanely nice ending boost-wise. Just make sure not to get stuck on a guard somewhere. Strafe to the left side of the glass door then strafe through it (it will already be open), now open the exit door, line yourself up for the warp, and backswitch to double klobbs to warp it. The warp should work like 80%+ of the time if you got double klobbs, but if you missed them I warp it by switching from datathief to PP7, which is like 50% consistent due to less lag.

This level can be a bit tricky to tell your time on, but with the music on its easy to know your pace. 1:07 is all in a fast Boris, basically, which means his hands just need to be up ASAP. Good luck!

  • World Record Video

Bryan Bosshardt - Bunker 1 00 Agent - 1:07

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