Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

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Shattered Lands is a highly non-linear game with very little enforcing completion of quests before the final fight.


The entire Gedron and Cedrilte subplots can be skipped by full clearing the respective villages of NPCs. For Cedrilte this requires attacking a villager then full clearing manually. For Gedron, Wyrmias can be killed to one shot the whole village.

The trustee in the slave pens can be killed for the key to the escape route (south).

Party & Equipment

Any %

Recommended party as of this writing is a party of 2. Extra party members slow fights down and water down experience from monsters.

(1) Half Giant Gladiator (2) Single Class Preserver

The half-giant gladiator does most of the fighting. Hasting from the preserver is OP for extra power lat game. El's Drinker allows the gladiator to freely replinish HP and is the weapon of choice. It is also a very minimal detour to get, being on the way to Wyrmias. A high strength character is needed to pass the strength check to bash open the safe in the Gedron Mayors office.

The head templar in the slave pens has a +1 sword (Obsidian Bloodwrath). The templar should be killed for this sword. Not killing the templar causes him to confront the party in the sewers with extra guards, making the kill a minimal detour, if a detour at all. The +1 sword greatly improves fighting odds against the pack of Tyrian Slimes in the sewers and allows hits on Psurlons.

Double Flame wall is the most efficient means for defeating the final battle as it allows large amounts of damage to NPCs in parallel out of combat. A single class preserver is needed.

Recommended Preserver Spells

Haste (5) Fog Cloud (6) Flamewall (7)

Any % Solo

Characters used for Solo include a single class Thri-Keen Fighter and a Half Giant Fighter/Cleric(Air).

Both choices require a tricky execution of the final battle, getting into a corner that streamlines the final battle into one-on-one or small groups. The Cleric(Air) has access to dust cloud which can favourably impeded line of sight to break combat even more. Detect traps saves time and HP particularly in the ruins.


Escape the slave pens by killing Trustee, stealing key, opening door, bashing door, killing the head templar, escaping through the mountain stalker pen (secret button)

Run through the sewers, pull the lever and go north to fields

Break out of the fields to the north, fight the guards

Rest at the stone circle if needed

Run straight to Gedron

Inspect the Tapestry, talk to Wyrmias, bash safe for Els, Kill Wyrmias Run to Cedrilte Kill the Wyverns, kill all the villagers Run to Tequetzal Talk to the Leaders, leave towns to ruins Attack the Psurlons. Avoid the ghosts. Go up west corridor to teleporter, Go up east corridor killing psurlons for XP until levelled, Complete ruins, heal with genie wish, and wish to final battle Defeat Final battle (strat varies by category)