X-Ray Scanner

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The X-Ray Scanner is an item in Perfect Dark. It can be used to look a short distance into any wall. It also gives you a cool blue-red effect which is largely a product of one of Rare's programmers messing about with visual effects for fun, and them deciding to use it in the game. (This is true.) The X-Ray Scanner is used productively on Rescue and Pelagic II.

The X-Ray Scanner is best used sparingly, as it causes your framerate to positively nosedive when you use it. Also, as its field of vision is at a specific range from you, using it means you can't see anything which is right in front of you, which is understandably problematic.

Gadget training

The X-Ray Scanner is also the subject of a gadget training mission.

The record for this mission is 15.80 seconds and is held by Chris Rayola.

Perfect Dark gadget training
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