Wild Canyon

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Wild Canyon is the 2nd stage in the Hero story on Sonic Adventure 2. Knuckles is used to play this stage.

Speed Tips

Mission 1

This is a treasure-hunting stage. The general hunting tips apply. The best locations are:

Piece 3: "The beginning room" Hm...I wonder what room that means? As you fall into place for the start of this level, you may see a brief point of green at the top of the screen. If you don't, then the piece isn't there and you can immediately restart. If it is there, then just spin the control stick and press B to do a Spiral Upper. That's all it takes to get this one.

Piece 2: "A bird box" In the alcove, there are three "bird boxes" behind you. Piece 2 can appear in the center box of the three, which is just behind and to the left of where you start. Turn around and punch through the chest, and if you didn't get the piece then die and try again.

Piece 1: "A bird box" ...And this one is the chest just behind and to the right of start. The radar will be red from the beginning; if it's not, then don't even bother trying for this.

Record video: 0:01.39 by SadisticMystic

Mission 2

A version difference gives a slight edge, about 1 second, to Dreamcast players.

The difference comes into play right at the beginning. On GameCube, run around the opening circle to get 6 of the rings there., then glide forward. On Dreamcast, you can do a quick Spiral Upper from the beginning, and the reaching power will get all 8 rings immediately. Again, glide forward once you're able to do so.

Take the wind up to the top level, and as high as it will let you go. Get up to the ledge in front of you and punch through for two boxes worth a total of 30 rings. As soon as you get them, turn around and dive down through the hole that's now on your right.

Glide as soon as you pass through the hole to the lower room, and keep going to the far right corner. To the left of the box there's 20 rings. Get those for either 56 or 58, then dive again. This time you want to land on the nearest pillar, and hit the 10 box. Line yourself up with the line of rings and glide straight through them. The 1-up on the other end isn't important. Turn left when you get to the next pillar, and glide through to the 20 (don't land on the short pillar). You should have 6 or 8 rings remaining now, and there's a line of 8 continuing away from this pillar. Collect those rings for the win.

Best video: 0:21.70 by yoshifan

Mission 3


Mission 5