Wario Stadium (MK64)

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Wario Stadium

Wario Stadium (WS) is Mario Kart 64's ninth course, and Star Cup's first course.

Non-Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Non-Shortcut flap

Strat here.

Shortcut 3lap

This strategy should get you a time quicker than the GOD standard, which is at 14"49 seconds.

Wario Stadium with shortcuts is the quickest course in the game. The two shortcuts used effectively reduces the course to no more than a circle. However, consistency is the biggest factor here. Many potentially good times are ruined with one small error. Righto, now for the strategy. Ill split it into three parts - the first shortcut, the second shortcut, and the second/third lap variations.

First shortcut:

At the start you are expected to use the first hill to jump over the wall and cut half the course. There are two ways to go about things. The first method (easy but slower) is to accelerate towards the wall, turn towards it and jump as you hit the wall (like a walljump). The second method is much harder but very much quicker. Start with a turbo start and jump left and straight into a shroomslide. Get your kart to drift towards the top of the first bump at no more than about 45 degrees. Then jump as you hit the wall. Your kart will spring up and make a 180 degree turn in midair, before landing on the other side of the wall. The 45 degree angle is important because if your kart hits the wall too head on you wont make it over the wall.

Second shortcut:

Halfway there. After the first jump what you are meant to do is jump back over the same wall but BEHIND the finish line, therefore cutting the second half of the course. After you land the first jump start a left-facing slide towards the wall next to the finish line. You will want to slide in a small arc shape so your kart ends up facing the wall just behind the finish line. You may need to jump a couple of times to tighten the arc depending on where you landed after the first jump. Now as you reach the wall behind the finish line, you will notice that there is a crease line where the wall bends slightly. You must walljump head on into the wall just to the right of that crease, somewhere on the first three arrows on that part of the wall. If done correctly, your kart will jump up and over the wall and cross the finish line, with a lap time of under 10 seconds. The two main things that will stuff this jump up are a lack of kart speed, and landing on top of the wall. Speed is essential here - at least 60 kms. Landing on the wall is annoying and happens a lot to everyone. The only spot where you wont get stuck is literally right behind the finish line. Practice will help avoid landing on the wall here folks.

Second/third lap variations:

The second and third laps are done in very much the same way except for the bit between the second jump back to the first jump. This is done the same way for laps 2 and 3.

Once you land the second jump and cross the line, shroom once into the wall with the Wario faces on it. After you hit the wall, your kart will bounce back towards the first hill - shroomslide to the first jump, jump over and continue on your merry way!

That’s it! 3 laps done and hopefully in under 20 seconds. Don’t feel bad you land a 3lap in 30 seconds or more first time round. Many hours have gone into lowering the times to where they are now.

Happy Karting!!!

Shortcut flap

Do a normal shortcut lap but do not cross the finish line. Instead, get close to the finish without crossing it and aim your kart so it is directly facing the left wall. You now want to triple tap A to gain speed so you can jump the wall. You should aim a bit to the right so you will trigger the lap when you jump over. Once you land on the other side immediatly do an AB spin turn to the left and turn all the way around. Immediatly after the spin turn you want to triple tap A to gain speed. You should go towards the wall and jump it. Cross the finish line and if done quick enough you should get a lap that is either 2 or 3 seconds.

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