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Magnificent Me [[1]]

Mark Briggs·Thursday, October 22, 2015 Mark Briggs (Greatmax) He prefers to play DLTK because the normal ranks have been played immensely by other speedrunners. He prefers positional play over the risky tactical skirmishes of the normal ranks.

Attributes: His abilities are best reflected outside of the Goldeneye blitz format. Primarily used control style 1.1 with auto-aim off. GE Mission Status: Top American Dark_LTK Champion and runner up. 14 proven Levels by October 31, 2008. Completed all 20 levels of the LTK league. PP7 Specialist on the 00 Agent level. Completed single segment runs of agent, secret agent, and double agent.

Public Multiplayer status: He has won every multiplayer game since the games inception except for several games. I’ve played hundreds of games of Goldeneye 64 Multiplayer. I’ve played everything from normal to flag tag. I overwhelmingly win in free for all up to four players. IE: In first to twenty points in a normal mode my opponents might have 8, 5, and 3 points on average. It totals 16 when I get 20 and usually something like this is the result. Recent play at end.

Magic Status: An all-around gamer and Magi Master, was the ‘guy to beat’ at many Magic the Gathering shops using unorthodox ideas like mono-red defense and counterspell-less blue. He participated in numerous magic tournaments placing 2nd or 1st in many of them in a variety of formats. His preference is the legacy format using non-net non cookie-cuttish decks. A great drafter and Sealed Deck gamer he has Pro potential. Captain of his HS Chess team three of his four years resulting in the (Mark era) suffering only three losses out of 45 games against strong opposition. The only one in his High School’s history during his freshman year to achieve a perfect 10-0 against his opponents from 10 other high schools.

Mastered FFVI beating the game at level 19 (low level clear) and maxed the natural game at level 99 with all spells, equipment, and abilities. Dido with Final Fantasy Tactics.

After beating Sim City, completed favorite building game of Civilization II on Emperor level with a rating of 9560 (956%). It's over 9000! Excellent SSBG's Super Smash Bros. Series being the best in his group in all versions N64, Melee, Brawl, WiiU. Though this game may be easier to understand compared to other games.

At board games he conquers Risk, an expert Scrabble player, Settlers of Catan, and an upset in 2006 by placing 6th in Washington’s State Chess Open. On April 08, 2008, Mark announced retirement from the game GE 007 to focus on Perfect Dark where his cartridge deleted all his files. He now has to start from scratch. Owns two games of The Resistance: Avalon - Played all varations leading to an understanding making it interesting on either side. Recap of first update rank:

Blitz category (Speed Normal): 116th in overall time. Knowledge category (Stealth DLTK): 2nd in overall level completions. Multiplayer (Strength): Advanced - In public play scores 20 points before other three opponents total that most of the time. 4v4 Free for All. Sight on, Auto Aim off. Proficient in everything from slappers to power weapons. Knowledge of all maps and equipment. Max's Videos User = Tawnos User = Clearchesser (Inactive) Facebook User = Mark Briggs Retirement: Completed the LTK league with Streets and became 112th in overall normal time. F.K.A. Maxout Location: Washington State U.S.A Recruited: April 3, 2008 to the normal ranks at 116th.

From Youtube: Correct, Covert, Strategist and Ultimate Gamer. Primarily older school and tabletop. My focus of gaming involves Chess, Magic the Gathering, Mario I-III, World, Mega Man, Link I-III, Goldeneye 64, Goldeneye 64 Wii, Perfect Dark, TWINE, Tomorrow Never Dies, Mario Kart, MK Wii, Sim City, MK Double Dash, Final Fantasy IV-IX, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, Ogre Battle 64, Civilization, Civilization II, Super Smash Brothers, SSBM, SSBB, WiiU, Dokupon Kingdom, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Tales of Symphonia, and Avalon. Uploaded videos of selected games only. Author at Pen name: M. Briggs Again completed Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen

Lord Mark

Level 25 - HP 500
STR 255.....CHA 100
AGI 255......ALI 100
INT 255......LUK 100
Front Row: Banish 2
Back Row: Ice Cloud 1+
Equipped: Ogre

Merchant Ticket Army Equipped Rebels: 98 Unit Leaders: 23 Amount and the Class 01 Lord 09 Devil 12 Doll Master 01 Dragoner 03 Dragoon 01 Eagle Man 02 Gryphon 02 General 04 Lich 03 Monk 15 Muse 14 Paladin 03 Princess 02 Pumpkin 02 Raven Man 01 Seraphim 05 Sorcerer 02 Tiamat 04 Vampire 01 Witch 06 Dragon Zombie 01 Wyvern 02 Fire Giant 02 Sylph

Chaos Frame: 100 Points
World Tarot

Lord Greatmax with another playthrough. Level 25 - HP 999 Str 255 - Cha 100 Agi 255 - Ali 100 Int 255 - Luck 100 Front Row: Slash 3 Back Row: Inaunkia 1 Equip: Ogre

01 Lord 16 Paladins 16 Muses 08 Princesses 04 Titans 01 Witch 03 Seraphim 02 Gryphons 05 Dollmasters 03 Eaglemans 09 Ninjas 01 Dragoneer 03 Tiamats 08 Dragon Zombie 04 Liches 04 Sorceror 01 Mage 03 Vampyre 01 Wyvern 03 Dragoons 02 Generals 98 Merchant Army with 8 Princesses and World ending. No better playthrough.

Final Fantasy VI - TERRA


HP9999................All Magic
Vigor 45................R-Hand: Illumina
Speed 90..............L-Hand: Genji Shield
Stamina 40...........Helmet: Oath Veil
Magic Pwr 110......Armor: Minerva
Bat Pwr 255
Defense 216.........Relic: Ribbon
Evade 75
Magic D 184.........Relic: Economizer
Magic B 87

Others Optimized

Final Fantasy Tactics - The Lion War

Squire Mark

Level 99
HP 600 - Brave 95
MP 161 - Faith 75
Excalibur - Guts
Escutcheon - Math Skill
Thief Hat - Blade Grasp
Rubber Costume - Maintenance
Red Shoes - Fly

Others Optimized Full Roster of Characters in FFT's available in notes here.

Super Mario Kart Wii Results Double Star on the 8 courses meaning a gold cup and triple Star on others. Distance Traveled: 7968 Total Race Count: 1143, Total Battle Count: 10, Wii Wheel 0, Tricks 7894 Favorite Charater: Mario. Vehicle: Wild Wing. Course: Rainbow Road. State: TD. WFC VS Rating: 8525 Wins: 648. Losses: 191. Battle Rating: 5143 Battle: Wins: 06. Losses: 00. First Place: 794 % in First Place: 62% Item Hits Delivered: 2968 Item Hits Received: 4087 Wins: 20. Losses: 05. Tournies Done: 07.

Mario Kart Double Dash - Gold Trophy on all race courses except 150cc World Tour.

SSBM - Completed Classic, Adventure, and All Star Mode with every character. Completed Very Hard on each with Marth.

The rest of the characters in my completed games are also optimized. Though customization these days has overtaken set parameters. My top five tabletop non-digital converted games of all time. 02-15-2015 1.) Chess 2.) The Resistance: Avalon 3.) The Settlers of Catan 4.) Mountain Mayhem 5.) Magic the Gathering Top five digital games. 1.) Final Fantasy VI 2.) Goldeneye 64 3.) SuperSmash Brothers Melee 4.) Perfect Dark 64 5.) Final Fantasy Tactics

Top Twenty Games of all time - 10/05/16 Table Top Games 01.) Chess 02.) The Resistance: Avalon 03.) The Settlers of Catan 04.) Mountain Mayhem 05.) Magic the Gathering 06.) Scrabble 07.) Coup 08.) Quelf 09.) One Night Ultimate Werewolf 10.) Risk Digital Games 01.) Final Fantasy VI 02.) Goldeneye 64 03.) SuperSmash Brothers Melee 04.) Perfect Dark 64 05.) Final Fantasy Tactics 06.) Civilization II 07.) The Legend of Zelda - A link to the past 08.) Ogre Battle 64 09.) Dokupon Kingdom 10.) Super Mario World I continue to play these enjoyable games. My overall wins are above average or better with these games. Most of these games are more recently created besides chess. Date changed because favorites are still the same at that time. :)

August 2018 Multiplayer synopsis. At AFK Tavern in public in Everett, WA. Sunday night. An update from memory if anyone cares about the details. In the Goldeneye 64 Multiplayer games. First to 10 points, normal, with auto aim off, sight on.

Three player free for all. The first game I remember Remote Mines in the Archives. We all agreed it was too small for that and didn't do it again that night. The second game was Grenade Launchers in the Bunker. That was more tricky for me to win with everything bouncing off walls and such. Then we did pistols in the complex. I couple good shots by me with a magnum bullet to the head got me two important kills. Then we did Power Weapons in the Caverns. I mostly used the RCP-90 but when I was forced to use the Shotgun I got a few kills with it. It was hard when the other players accidentally closed the doors. I knew what to do since I held a World Record in this stage years ago. 37:37 DLTK was untied.

We did automatics in the basement. When I got D5K I mowed everyone down. Pretty easy for me. Now this one before we too a break. It took us 20 minutes for me to win throwing knives in the library. We kept strafing for a long period of time getting dizzy from circling. Glad it ended. When back from break we played Rockets in the Basement. My score was higher in the end as the other player got Lemming Award and the other Where's the Armor?

We then did Lasers in the caves. It was dark and my opponents had a hard time seeing. I know my way around the place having no time sneaking up on them. I won. We ended with Power Weapons in the basement. I won that hands down as it was easy enough for me to find my way. I am guilty using the RCP-90 most of the time again.

Overall I won them all. My opponents did fine. One of them bragged about being good at the game unknowing I was 4th best in the world at it. Now 10th.

Also working on my own projects. [[Media:]True_Me_%283%29.jpg]