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African-American Champion of Mario Kart

He played MKDD and ranked #95 on the Combined Ranking. He's the youngest (and first and only) African-American karter in the kart community in 2004 (joined in 2006; played severely in 2007). He also have a lot of videos on YouTube until he was removed (FennerGuy and FennerGuy1992) before he made his third YouTube account, GhettoKarter1992 as known as FennerGuyIII. He also made the Princess/Yoshi players site & is currently the NTSC champion with 20 WRs. He's currently the Mario Kart Super Circuit Champion as of June 13, 2011 (his very first time as well!). He was removed on MKSC and he stopped playing Kart due to people's massive "bitching" on the MB. He was also not present anymore on any of the Players' Pages and consider the saddest Mario Kart MB moments due to the fact that there's only one African-American MK player in the PP

He started to play Mario Kart in 1998/1999 and join the site in 2006 (Currently in MKDD, MK64 and MKSC, sooner Wii and 7)

In June 2008, he created a Fan Page, MKSpeedrun on Bebo (as of today, cancelled & forgotten)

On Mario Kart 64, he first done a triple-A ability using Mario on Wario Stadium and proven a success. His statement is: Mario CAN do Triple-A acceleration as well as Bowser.

He's currently the MKSC champion for almost a year long!

His Strongest MK Courses


  • Mario Circuit 1 (STRONGEST!!!)
  • Mario Circuit 2 (without long boost / with NBT boost)
  • Ghost Valley 1 (kicks ass on flap!)
  • Choco Island 1 (CR flap)

Tricks and Glitches

  • Mario Circuit 4
  • Vanilla Lake 2 (STRONG FLAP)



  • Luigi Raceway
  • Toad's Turnpike - my homecourse


  • Toad's Turnpike


  • Retro Vanilla Lake 1
  • MKSC Snow Land
  • MKSC Bowser Castle 2
  • MKSC Shy Guy Beach
  • MKSC Peach Circuit

and many others :)


  • Peach Beach (flawless 1'08)
  • Luigi Circuit
  • Mushroom Bridge (OUTSTANDING!!!)
  • Mushroom City


  • Retro Sky Garden
  • Retro Mushroom Bridge
  • Staff Roll / Test Course


  • Luigi Circuit
  • Retro Mario Circuit 3


  • Neo Bowser City


  • Retro Yoshi Circuit
  • Mario Kart Stadium

History Of Mario Kart

In 1998/1999, Terrence played Mario Kart 64 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although his times were between Advanced level to Semi-Pro level, he improved a bit using Luigi. He started whipping old records using Mario like Sherbet Land (1'48"43) and a sub 1'43 record on Luigi Raceway using Yoshi. He played exceptional in 2006 when he broke the 20"xx barrier using Bowser (19"81) on Wario Stadium and slammed a low 4 second flap record on Donkey Kong's Jungle Parkway (4"24).

In 2001, he played Mario Kart Super Circuit before his WR streak in January 2007. He, again used Luigi and complete the whole game in above 1 Star. In Christmas 2003, He played Mario Kart Double Dash and improved severely after he beat the whole game.

In around April 2004, he played Super Mario Kart before he modified Pro-NBT controller. His first GOD PR (old GOD) on Super Mario Kart was on Mario Circuit 1: sub 1 minute; 0'59"97 and record it in 2005/2006.

In 2006, he played Mario Kart DS...dispite his poor records on MKDS, he did improve most of his PRs. He was banned on Super Mario Kart & Super Circuit; it was a mystery on Mario Kart DS. He's present Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart Double Dash...He's going to play Mario Kart Wii in the future. (later banned as of October 2007, returned on April 30, 2011)

As of June 9 of 2007, he ZZMT'd the Nintendo DS and killing his records like Shy Guy Beach (48"26) and sub-44 on Retro Choco Island 1. Like Cole Gilbert, he ZZMT almost the entire game and got more than a world record. - 2006-07

In January 2007, he joined the Super Circuit site...he currently holds 23 WRs on www.wrvids.com...he was removed from the site in October 2007 but returned on April 4, 2011...His strongest WRs so far are Vanilla Lake 1 5lap (0'39"60) and Snow Land 5lap (1'01"18). His two rivals are Pierre L'Hoest & Sebastian Stellmacher

He joined the Mario Kart 64 Players' Page on February 2011, however appeared on MK64 2008 and 2010 times 2008 2010 2011

Outside Mario Kart

He plays loads of classic Mario games like Super Mario Land, Mario Party 2, Mario Golf 64, Mario Tennis 64, and others. He also plays Simpsons Road Rage and got his first speedrun record on Evergreen Terrace with $26,540...it can be a World Record.

List of games he played - info/year (or just year)

GameBoy/GameBoy Color - 199? (probably 1996) (GB) / 1999? (GBC)

Gameboy Advance - 2001 (GBA)

Nintendo Entertainment System - 2012

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 2000/2003; retired playing, then played in April 2004


Nintendo Gamecube - 2001/2003 - since my old indigo gamecube was dead during a bad storm, I retire playing and played again (with the black one) in 2003

Nintendo Wii - 2008

Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSLite/Nintendo DSi - 2005 (NDS) / 2008 (NDSL) / TBA in late 2009 (NDSi)

Nintendo 3DS - December 2011 [planned]

Playstation 1 - probably late 1999

Playstation 2 - 2006

Playstation 3 - February 2011


Sega Genesis - 199? (probably late 1997)...I remember playing it in Harlem, NY

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