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Surface (2)

Surface 2 (Part i of Mission 5: Servernaya) is the eighth level in GoldenEye 007. Formal name is just plain Surface but because of the existince of another Surface level it gets an 2 after its name.


World Record - 0:48

Use Control Style 2.2.

Cut the cinemas since they are boring and unnecessary. Just like in all the Surface levels, start in right strafe, and get as close to the tree line as possible. Get into look down.

Switch to the mine. The line you want to take is similar to that of Surface 1 SA/00A strats'. Follow the tree line, and go parallel to the last wall before it breaks to the left. Then move ever so slightly to the left in your line.

After a while of strafing, you should see a building and a distinctive mound of snow. You want to use the mound to propel your mine throw far. It's hard to explain this in words, so watch the video. You need to go halfway into that triangular snow formation in front of the building, run up the mound, and throw the mine. Hold Z the whole while, get back into right strafe, and push A+B to detonate the mine after about 2 seconds after the throw.

The throw is the level. The hardest part is to play for hours, never hitting the throw, just believing that it will all work and the objective will complete. This is the key to getting this WR.

Anyways, if you did it correctly and luckily, the objective will complete. Now your nerves kick in. Keep in right strafe. You should see the helicopter and bunker coming up. You want to be on the right side of the door. Anyways, drop down, turn hard, open the door and switch weapons to hopefully warp the door and finish the level!

Secret Agent

World Record - 0:49

Target Time - 0:55

Watch as much of the first cinema as you want. A suggestion is to cut the cinema when the words pop up, but it's not too important. Watch all of the 2nd cinema.

Start out in right stafe, and get close to the tree line as in all of the Surface-strats. Turn the corner, and look up. You should see a guard here. He must be pulling a grenade. This is absolutely necessary. If he isn't pulling a grenade, restart. It can take up to 25 minutes for him to finally pull a grenade, which is very annoying. In average, a player gets (a fast) grenade 2-3 times per hour.

Anyway, when you do get the grenade, in order for a 0:55, you have to kill him quickly, and hopefully not too far away from the tree line.

So, get the grenade, and switch to left strafe quickly. This line is extremely important. You want to pass right in front of that hut on your left, but you're facing away from it, so it's hard to do. Just get used to the line. Practice it if you need to.

Strafe and keep strafing. Switch to the grenade. If you took the right line, a big building should appear on your right. As soon as you start running beside the building, hold Z and start priming the grenade. Turn right in left strafe, and look all the way up. When you get to the far end (last 1/4th or so) of the building, release the grenade. Hopefully the objective will complete and you will get a helping boost!

Keep strafing in this line. This is where your nerves will probably kick in. Switch to the mine. Now watch a video to see how it's done, but you want to look up 50-60 degrees, and when you pass this indentation in the snow, you want to throw your mine. Keep holding Z, and once you drop, turn around and open the door. Hopefully the mine should be completing right now. Release Z to switch guns and hopefully warp the door to the end of the level.

If you are going for the WR of 0:49, use Control Style 2.2.

00 Agent

World Record - 1:25

For this record, you will need a grenade, and also you want to have a nice placement of the nade guard. The trick to always getting a great nade guard is to cut the first cinema RIGHT as the text appears, then watch the 2nd fully. Now use lookup here, as looking down alters the placement of the nade guard. As you round this corner, he should be right by the wall. Take that mofo down if he pulls a nade. Now switch to left strafe and look down a bit, but not a whole lot. You should see a path in front of you, and a hut also in front of you a little ways as you strafe across the snow. Now what you want to do if strafe just to the left of where the path splits to the hut and strafe up this hill. Aline yourself to the right of the hut to your left on top of the hill, and aim ASAP for the right side of the hut way out in front of you. What you have to do to get 1:28 or better is...shoot out this far camera with one clip. It is very hard to do, so don't expect to get it very often. It's certainly a great deal of luck involved in getting the first cam. You can still get 1:29-1:30 with a two-clip first cam and a very clean run, though.

After taking out the first camera, immediately strafe to the left behind this hut and line yourself up with the hut that has the 2nd cam. You should see the trees to your left as you strafe toward it, so try not to hit the wall at all. Now as you round the corner, turn sharply to the left and aim up so you are aiming toward the left side of the hut, and a bit just below the left edge of the roof. You want to shoot the PP7 bullets through the left wall of this hut and hit the lens of the 2nd cam. It isn't that hard to do, but you will probably get runs trashed by this cam as it can be hard to do with insane nerves. If it took 2 clips, you can still get 1:29 or so.

Now, in left strafe, strafe to your right and approach the 3rd cam. The goal here is to shoot it from as far away as you can, as fast as possible. You want to turn the corner, drop down the hill to your left, and right as you hit the ground shoot at the lens of this camera. You can still get 1:28 if it takes like 4 bullets, but generally you want to hit it within the first 2 or 3 bullets. Sometimes a guard spawns here, and if he does it can really mess up your run. The game lags more and he can boost you out of position, if this happens you aren't getting 1:28. Now switch to the grenade, and strafe towards the tower. Change to left as you round the corner by the tower, then as you hit the shadow of the tower that you see on the snow, start priming the nade (holding Z). Count off in your head "one one thousand, two..." etc, and after you say "four one thousand", throw the nade up to the left side of the wall of the tower. Hopefully it doesn't boost you or it will seriously mess your run up. Now enter the door, and in all this lag backswitch to PP7. Now you will see a pillar in here, strafe to just the right of it and you should see the cam just barely. The trick is to shoot the cam from as close to the pillar as possible so when you leave you don't have to go all the way around the pillar again. Sometimes a very annoying KF7 guard will go to the tower door and either backboost you or get you stuck on him, it can be extremely annoying. OR, he can boost you, which is great.

Switch to the mine, and strafe just to the left of this path you will see to your right. look up, and you should see the helicopter in the distance and a pit where the doorway to the bunker is. Hold Z after you throw the mine at the helicopter, and strafe toward the turn to the exit door. As you hit the turn, change to right strafe, open the door, and let off Z so you automatically switch to the Klobb and, hopefully, warp the door.


This is it. The easiest of all LTK levels (a bit ironic since Surface 1 is often considered one of the hardest). What makes this level so easy is the fact that barely any guard appears in it.

Guards do keep spawning on this level all the time but they are all Klobb guards and they can't see you from far distance and therefore they won't shoot you. If a Klobb guards shoots you, you're not dead, since you can afford to get hit once by Klobb bullets.

For any chance at getting close or beat the current WR of 1:31, you will need a guard to pull a grenade, as on SA/00A. This can be incredibly annoying since another Klobb guard might shoot you and, in some cases, kill you. The advice if guards not immediately pull a grenade: restart.


Surface 2 is a great level to start with if you're a newbie since it's the easiest of all DLTK levels. Again, what makes the level easy is its lack of guards and enemy objects. The KF7 guard near the tower entry can be annoying though, and he might kill you on good runs. The WR of 1:49 is great, especially if you consider the strat used to achieve it. However, theoretically (at least) a grenade strat is doable. You will have to take out the grenade guard incredibly quickly though, or other Klobb guards will most likely kill you. If executed smoothly, the WR could go down to a time well under 1:40 with the grenade strat.

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