Surface 2

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Surface 2 (Part i of Mission 5: Servernaya) is the eighth level in GoldenEye 007. Formal name is just plain Surface but because of the existince of another Surface level it gets an 2 after its name.

Surface 2
World Records
Difficulty Time First achieved by
Agent 0:46 Karl Jobst on 2018-07-08
Secret Agent 0:47 Philip Bezgoubov on 2017-10-18
00 Agent 1:18 David Clemens on 2020-10-05
LTK 1:24 Josh Schwarz on 2020-09-19
DLTK 1:25 Josh Schwarz on 2020-10-25



a. Break communications link to bunker
b. Gain entry to bunker

Secret Agent

a. Break communications link to bunker
b. Disable Spetznaz support aircraft
c. Gain entry to bunker

00 Agent

a. Disrupt all surveillance equipment
b. Break communications link to bunker
c. Disable Spetznaz support aircraft
d. Gain entry to bunker


Grenade odds

The grenade odds for spawning guards are commonly misquoted as 11/256 = 4.3% or 1 in 23, but there is a further ~75% RNG roll which brings the odds down to close to 1 in 31.

Radio explosion chance from table

When shooting out the table, sometimes the radios will jump into the air. Depending on the amount of height gained these will fall enough to be damaged for a fast A completion.[1]


Leaned mine throw

On Agent difficulty, the mine can be thrown from quite far away using a leaned throw. It goes through the wall like on Control. What gives it the distance is throwing it on the slope. If you time the throw as you go up a slope + the forward momentum, it gets much more air than on a level ground. The timing for the detonation needs to be precise.[2]



Secret Agent

00 Agent



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