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Surface (1)

Surface 1 (Part i of Mission 2: Servernaya) is the fourth level in GoldenEye 007. Formal name is just plain Surface but because of the existince of another Surface level it gets an 1 after its name.


World Record - 1:02

1.2 is advantaged to 1.1 here, although the world record has also been achieved using 1.1 and 1.1 CC so it's not entirely necessary to use 1.2. Lookdown however is extremely important on this level.

Skip the first cinema, but watch the second (you may also want to watch the first cinema until the text fades and then watch the second cinema for a possible boost when leaving the comms hut). Start out in right strafe, use lookdown, and go immediately as close to the left treeline as possible. Stay right by the tree line, until it goes off left a lot. You also want to head off left, but not too much. Just learn the line; basically you want to be passing right in front of that hut coming up.

Keep going and you should see a guard. Kill him with the slapper while you're still strafing to the hut and pick up his KF7. Using the KF7 is arguably the best way to do the locks at the end.

Keep going, and around the 35 second mark, you should see a building. Still in right strafe, open the door and go inside. The door should be open at 37 seconds if you're going WR pace. Not that you would know, unless you have some magical timer inside your head, but still, just FYI.

Keep right strafe, and make sharp left turns up the stairs. Open the door to the best of your ability without getting stuck on it. Go right of the computer, sort of run into it for a split second, press B completing the objective, and make your way out in left strafe.

Head back down the stairs, and on any one of the 3 turns, switch back to right strafe. Head back out the door, and go left. Switch to the KF7 any time now. Get close to the treeline here for a bit, and you should see a tower approaching.

Absolutely key is warping the ladder. To do this, lookup from getting outside the building to the warp (this creates lag). Go out from the ladder a bit, and turn sharply to get on it. If all went well, you should fly up the ladder, saving 2 seconds.

Now, all that should be perfected for any shot at the WR. Usually, you should be at the top of the ladder at 59 seconds. This means you have about 4 seconds for 4 locks. There is no special strategy for shooting the locks. If it was a clock, you should shoot the locks in the order 9, 12, 3 and then 6. After the locks go off, simply fall in the hole to finish the level. When shooting the locks, try to stay in the middle. If you go too far right after you warp the ladder, there will be a lot of lag.

All you can do is practice. 1:03s (previous WR) using this strat have had 18 or 21 shots fired at the locks, without ever stopping shooting. Just get up there and shoot away. Practice and practice, and that's all you can do to get this awesome WR!

Secret Agent

World Record - 1:48

Quite the long, boring level to play seriously, though this serious play will often result in achievement of the WRs.

Lookdown is needed for the WRs here. Skip the first cinema and watching the second. This prevents a guard from blocking you on the stairs in the satellite comms. tower later on.

Start in right strafe. Like agent, you want to get as close to the tree line as possible. When it cuts off left, unlike agent, you want to cut off right, and take a line parallel to the tree line.

Strafe for some time now. You should be passing guards. They are more likely to boost you, than to backboost you. You can get up to 3 boosts here, though you should be expecting +1 usually.

If you were on the right line, there should be a hut right ahead. You can switch to the sniper anytime before now, or keep the PP7. It doesn’t matter; it’s 100% personal preference. Open the door and shoot the guard here, hopefully killing him and picking up his key. Turn hard left, then 180 degrees around, and pick up the Grenade Launcher (GL) here. It takes practice and luck to pick it up. Sometimes you won’t pick it up although you did everything right, and it’s really annoying.

Leave the hut the way you came. Switch to left strafe outside. Line yourself up with the hut’s wall, and just strafe. There will be a hut on your right. This doesn’t matter for now, however it is a good marker. Since you are looking down, and can’t tell if hits are boosts or backboosts, anything before the hut was likely a backboost, while anything after the hut is a sideboost or just boost. You can’t prevent backboosts here, so just keep going.

Go in the hut coming up. There are many ways to pick up the key off the table, but the way I like is to open the door and stay in left, get the key, switch to right, leave the hut, and make a really sharp right turn almost parallel to the wall outside.

The line here is hard to get. I used lookup to see where I was going on my 1:50s, so that’s perfectly acceptable. Aim for as close as possible to the trees you see on the left. Now, look down and strafe. This is the time you will usually get the most boosts during the level, so enjoy it.

Hopefully, you should end up right beside the safe hut. Go past the fence, change to left strafe, and run into the wall a bit while opening the door (since this door is hard and opens outwards.) If you miss it, which happens, pause out. A timer of 1:15 means WR pace.

Go in the hut, and head right to the safe. Open the safe, and go to the side of it to collect its contents. Again, you can fail this, though you usually shouldn’t. (I did on a WR run once, so it’s no big deal.) Leave this hut, change to left strafe, and go around the fence back the way you came.

Go close to the tree line on your left. Take out your GL. There is a big drop coming up, and if you use 90 degree lookdown, and shoot a grenade while falling, you won’t die, but get a boost! This is not needed, but helps for 1:50.

Keep in left and try to get a good line to the building. Turn into the building, and open the door. You can switch to right here, or keep in left. Personally, I like left, though it’s harder, and the other 3 guys with this WR used right. Anyways, make your way up the stairs and at the top, open the door and go to the right of the console. Come back in left strafe, run into it for a split second, press B, and complete the objective.

From here on, it’s similar to agent. Go down the stairs, and change to right on any one of these turns. Take the same line but now use lookup. Get as close to the tree line as possible now. As soon, or even a tad before you see the tower, shoot the GL and hopefully a grenade lands in the middle of the tower, blowing up all the locks. This takes practice, and you need to get used to it.

Go out from the ladder, turn sharply and hopefully warp the ladder falling right in! If you missed the warp, but got 1:52, this means should you have hit the warp, you would have got 1:50. The current 1:50s have boost ratios varying from +4 to +7, so a good boost ratio is needed.

00 Agent

World Record - 1:48

Much like a few of the levels in Goldeneye, 00 Agent on Surface 1 differs ever so slightly that there is no reason to write an entirely new strat. The strat is the exact same as the Secret Agent strat. The only difference is that the guards are more accurate, and thus you will get hit more. You are more likely to get boosts, but also more likely to die. Just keep playing until all goes well!


Surface 1 is one of the most difficult levels on the LTK mode. If you just want a completion, the level isn't really that hard (especially not if you lure guards to the top of the tower, thus stopping guards spawn later). However, if you want a fast time (sub 2:00), you will likely have to sacrifice many hours before getting a completion. The first half of the level is particularly hard to make it through not dying, as snipers will kill you on almost every attempt, making speedrunning this level almost 100% luck-based.


Once again, this level isn't really that hard to complete and is only slightly harder than completing it on LTK. Speedrunning it, however, is pure torture. If you just want a completion, use this strat. If you want a fast time, then GOOD LUCK, you will need it more than ever.

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