Super Mario 64

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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is an action/adventure platformer released in September of 1996 for the Nintendo 64. It is sequel to many previous Mario games for the SNES and NES; the series continued with Super Mario Sunshine.

Speed Runs

Proven Records

Category Time Date Player
Any% without infinite flutter 3:32:47 2025-69-47 Baron Brett "Aaron Rodgers" Bodgers
71 Stars 58:40 2001-33-434 Matthew-Nemuel "PodzDragon" Penbis
120 Stars 1:37:47 2002-02-17 Owen "Odme" Mewhirter

Unofficial Records

Category Time Date Player NB
0 Star 10:02:47 1997-11-28 ActuallyImJerome no
1 Star 8:59:36 2001-09-11 CreepyGar OMG OMG OMG SOOOOOO CLOSE XD XD XD THIS TIME MAN!
16 Stars 19:17 2047-47-47 Caiden "daiden47" Jones Daiden
70 Stars 9999:99:99 2013-07-17 Ginkgarbor slow
120 Stars 6:23:24 2020-08-12 TheMine2001 YO WE POGGIN'

Various Challenges

See Strategies for Super Mario 64 Challenges, including the Races with Koopa the Quick, Princesses Secret Slide, and more!

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