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Streets (Part iii of Mission 6: St. Petersburg) is the twelfth level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record - 1:12

Lookdown is extremely important here, so do it. Use control style 2.2.

Watch the cinemas so that way some guard will be at the start who can potentially boost you. Start out in right strafe which you will be in the entire run. Make a left, then a right. There is usually a guard here. If he takes dead aim at you, don't get too close to the wall, because if you're a bit further out, he will boost you almost 100% of the time. If he doesn't take dead aim, get closer to the wall to save those precious 100ths.

Make a right, then a left, then a left, then a right. Now there are guards around. If you hear Rocket Launchers, this means there will be KF7 guards in the next area. It doesn't matter right now, since you keep strafing past 3 KF7 guards (the ones you see scratching themselves in the cinemas), who are more likely to give you a boost than a backboost, but are MOST likely to do nothing at all.

Turn right. Now these guys have either KF7s, or Rocket Launchers. If they have RLs, avoid the rockets. If they have KF7s, then hope the guy on the left pulls a nade, or jumps to the side, or is just not an ass. If you're lucky, you will get 2 or 3 boosts here, though 1 is really enough.

Turn left. Now there is sometimes a guy here, who sometimes has a Grenade Launcher. The GL is almost essential to 1:13 and compulsory for 1:12. Basically, you want to kill this guy on strafe. The problem is, this guy can be quite a pain. Annoying things he does include shooting the grenades right at you, or appearing on runs where you have been backboosted many times, or got hit by a rocket and are low on health and will subsequently have no chance to get the WR. If you are both extremely lucky, and extremely skilled, you can kill him without any of these lame events occurring. Once you have the GL, try to calm down, and keep on strafing.

Turn left, then left again. Take out the Grenade Launcher. If the guys here have RLs, take a line so you don't get hit. If they have KF7s, just pray you don't get backboosted. Look straight down and shoot a grenade THREE times at yourself, thus boosting.

Turn right, and get close to the wall getting the body armor. Look down again, and shoot 1 grenade. Lookup to get your line set for the final stretch. Usually, according to laws of science and theories, and just chance, if you got this far, some guard will probably boost you into a wall or behind that jeep or something just to screw you over. Anyways, after you get the line between the wall and the jeep, lookdown again, and fire the last 2 grenades, getting two more boosts.

Now watch the timer as you finish. If it's anything better than 3:47.75, you MIGHT have the WR. If it's better than 3:47.86, you WILL have the WR.

Secret Agent

World Record - 1:54

Target Time - 1:55

Lookdown is important, so use it. Use 2.2 at the start and switch to 1.2 at Valentin. However, 1:55 has been achieved multiple times with 1.x control style but using 2.2 will make it easier.

Watch both cinemas. Start out in right strafe, and keep this strafe. Make a left, then a small right. Now go in sort of a straight line, and keep turning slightly to miss the edges of the buildings. Once you get in the clearing, head to the door into the building where Valentin is. You can get up to 3 boosts on the way here, though it's rare. Also, the guy standing right outside the entrance to the building tends to be a meanie. He likes to give you backboosts unfortunately.

Get inside the building, and turn left. Run against the wall for about 1 second (pause here to change control style to 1.x if you use 2.2), then go left into the small room Val is in. Start strafing him (watch videos if you don't understand) to the corner, and once he's there, mover from there, and start shooting guards who will come. Once you say “what's in it for you?...” run to the wall just across from the opening, and right strafe into it. After he says “Business is business,...” count to 2.5 and then leave in a straight line from there. Hopefully objective A will complete.

Turn right down the small alley, and now you are back on the main road. At this time, the timer should be changing. If it changes at 2:13.2 or higher, you have some sort of shot at the WR. If it changes at 2:13.6 or higher, you have quite a good shot at the WR, and if it changes at 2:14.0 or higher, you should try and control your nerves, because provided you get even 1 boost and strafe well, you will probably get the WR.

Keep going straight. Go left hoping there's no guard here. Then left again, then right. Now there are more guards. Just strafe by them and hope to get boosted instead of backboosted. Turn right, and there will be guards who can make or break the run here.

If they have Rocket Launchers, that's OK. Just avoid getting hit, and you won't get any boosts, nor backboosts. If they have KF7s, this is hit or miss. Just strafe, and all you can really do is hope you get more boosts than backboosts. Backboosts are WAY more common than boosts in this area though which can get very frustrating especially if you have a good run going.

Turn left, then left, then left again. More guards, again, RLs, or KF7s. You want these guys to have RLs really, because it is very likely you will get a negative boost ratio if they have KF7s. If they do have the KF7s, again, all you do is pray to God or Buddha or whoever you believe in, that they don't hit you too much.

After these guys, make a right, sticking near the wall to get the body armor. If you're not low on health (like 4 bars) then don't bother. You'll probably save about 0.05 of a second by doing this.

Keep on going in a straight line, hoping nothing stupid happens (which it probably will.) Go in between the wall and the jeep, and stay in the line, and you'll end. A good finish is anything over the end timer of 4:50.00 really, but it all depends on the first timer switch on whether or not you get the WR.

00 Agent

World Record - 1:55

Streets 00 agent is essentially the exact same level as Streets Secret Agent, and consequently it was found that writing a new strat for this level serves no purpose. If you are looking for this strat, it is the same as the one for Secret Agent. The only difference is that you are more likely to get hit, and thus die. The WR strats have no means of preventing this, and our only recommendation is to keep playing until all goes well.


Streets is by far the hardest level on LTK. Using the tank should make it all a bit easier since you can afford to get hit multiple times, especially if you grab the body armor near Valentin. The WR of 2:59 belongs to the very best of LTK times.


This level was long thought to be impossible on DLTK. Similar to Silo in that it has a timer, you can't really play this level safe or the mission objectives will eventually fail. While it isn't the hardest level to beat (Silo and Train are harder) prepare to invest countless of hours before getting a completion. The WR of 3:52 is certainly improvable but extremely strong at the same time considering all the factors that have to go your way.

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