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Jump to navigationJump to search a website that provides leaderboards and forums. It is a place that community can upload the resource for speedrunning. was created in 2013 by Pac. [1] The website was acquired by Elo in 14 October 2020. [2] used to partner with Guinness World Records before. [3]



Leaderboard super moderator, regular moderator and verifier

Super moderators are the people who can appoint verifier, regular moderator and super moderator in the leaderboard. However, they cannot change the position of other super moderators. They have all the permission of regular moderators and verifiers.

Regular moderators can edit rules, categories, leaderboard setting. They can self-verify their own runs. They have all the permission that verifiers have.

Verifiers can review other user's run.

Elo staff

Elo staff are the people who are employee of Elo.

Original donator

Original donator were the donators in before got acquired. Before the website got acquired, original donators could make their username a gradient between two colours. [4] The users were also allowed to have animated profile picture. They could also access the beta translation of the website. All users could use those features after got acquired. [5]



Full moderator

Content moderator


Translators were the users who translated the beta translation of the website.

Website feature


Team iceberg

Users in made an image that shows the iceberg of [6]

Staff Test

Staff test [7] is possibly used by site staff to test the beta feature of LewisAndSpark, the former employee in Elo submitted a run in that leaderboard before. [8][9]


Farming refers to getting a lot of world records, running a lot of games, verifying a lot of runs, being leaderboard moderator in a lot of leaderboards (also known as mod farming). Mod farming is the most disallow one because mod farming is against the site rule. There is also a community called Farmington which hosts leaderboard about farming different things in

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Invalid usernames

Invalid usernames refer to the username that has three or less than three characters. Some invalid usernames have more than 21 characters.

Rejected: Spam

When a leaderboard moderator rejects a run with the reason "Spam", the run will be sent to site staff to review and decide if the runner should be banned.


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