Sonic Advance

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Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance is a platformer developed by Dimps that was released for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance at the end of 2001. It was the first Sonic game released for a Nintendo console. The series continued with Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3.


The Sonic Center hosts Sonic Advance competition. The current proven world record for Sonic Advance completion is 16 minutes and 18.50 seconds, achieved by Daniel "NintenDan" Zurad on 25 July 2005.

Terminology and tactics

Super Spin Dash
When you are standing still, press and hold the D-pad down, then tap A two times. Release the D-pad to blast off in a burst of speed. You cannot use this technique if you play as Amy.
Often, after jumping or bouncing off a spring, you keep a little momentum, but when you land you need to do a Spin Dash to gain more. If you press down as you land with the intention of performing a Spin Dash, you roll a little before stopping, losing time. Performing a Quickstop is useful in these cases. To do a Quickstop, tap B at the very moment that you land to perform an attack movement and stop fast. If you play as Sonic, you have to tap B two times. Once you have stopped, you can do a Spin Dash. You cannot use this technique if you play as Amy. However, if you play as Knuckles, there is another way to perform a Quickstop: Tap A just before landing. This alternate manner to do it does not work if you bounced off a spring.
Ramp Jump
When floors are not level, the angle of the floor affects the angle of your jumps. If you are moving uphill, then a Ramp Jump gives you much more height than usual. Similarly, if you are traveling downhill, a Ramp Jump is shorter than a regular jump. These are referred to as Uphill and Downhill Ramp Jumps respectively. The angle of a Ramp Jump is different if you jump while running than if you jump while rolling.
Loop Jump
A variation on the Ramp Jump, which takes place inside a loop. If you enter a loop from the left and jump from the top left of a it, you catch the next corner of the loop and are propelled off, gathering more momentum than usual. You get the same effect if you jump from the top right of a loop after entering it from the right.
Corner Avoidance
Sometimes, when you go fast across a stage, you find corners that stop you. You can avoid many of these corners if you tap the opposite direction of your advance right before touching them.
Jump Dash Boost
If you play as Sonic, you can gain extra momentum by jumping a little and jump dashing quickly just before the beginning of a slope or as you enter a loop.
If you play as Knuckles, you can perform a Superglide to gain height and make your glide longer by jumping and gliding just before contacting an enemy or item box.
The same as above, but playing as Tails and flying.
Hammer Bounce
If you play as Amy, you can bounce off springs higher and faster than usual by hitting them with the Piko Piko Hammer.

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