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Russell J Clapham is an Australian 1080° Snowboarding speedrunner and retired Mario Kart 64 runner.

Russell entered speedrunning in 1999 aged 15 with a #3 SC ranking in Mario Kart 64 for PAL via REX’s Nintendo High Scores site, falling to 6th in 2000 following inactivity. He submitted 1080° Snowboarding times to N64 High Scores in March 2001, taking 4 World Records and the #1 Time Attack crown from Ben Miller before quitting for work and university studies.

Russell’s 2001 times were:

  • Crystal Lake - 1’02”56 (World Record) beaten by Phil Hughes in 2003/04 (unverified)
  • Crystal Peak - 1’27”02 (World Record) beaten by Phil Hughes in 2003/04 (unverified)
  • Golden Forest - 1’18”83 (World Record) beaten by Bastian Trachte in March 2003 (verified)
  • Mountain Village - 1’29”49 (World Record) beaten by Ron Klijn in 2006 (verified 19 Sept 2013 via YouTube)
  • Dragon Cave - 1’25”70
  • Deadly Fall - 1’07”84

Russell returned to 1080° in June 2019 aged 35 and reclaimed records on Mountain Village and Golden Forest. He is an active member of the 1080° Snowboarding speedrunning community and is currently ranked #2 for total courses times behind champion Bert86.

Russell lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and Staffordshire Terrier “Belle”.