Royal Raceway

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Royal Raceway

Royal Raceway (RRa or RRy) is Mario Kart 64's eleventh course, and Star Cup's third course

Non-Shortcut 3lap

  • Rocket boost, left-facing SSMT, and aim for the corner.
  • MT around the corner (start the MT about 1 kartlength before you reach the shadow). Left-facing SSMT on the straight.
Release the MT here.
  • MT tightly around the turn. Quickly change the smoke to yellow at the beginning of the turn, hold left through the turn, and release the MT as fast as you can at the end of the turn. Aim approximately tangent to the turn up ahead.
  • Do a fast MT and release it on the grass about halfway up the hill.
Common mistake: People often go wide here and enter the grass too late (probably to ensure that they stay tight after the corner), but it's faster to take a straighter path to the corner).
  • As you release the MT, hop to the right, and hop again just before you reach the top of the hill, coming as close as possible to the wall, and then landing back on the road into another MT (you should land 1-2 kartlengths before you reach the road). Aim for the next turn.
  • [flap shroom #1/#2] MT around the turn. Release the MT before the end of the turn, so that you're aimed a little to the left. On the straight, do something in between an SSMT and MT and aim for the next turn, MT quickly around that turn, and then do a left-facing MT around the next corner.
Enter the grass here.
  • [flap shroom #3] Drive straight for awhile, and then shroomslide into the grass.
Common mistake: Try not to slide too much before you shroom (remember that sliding slows you down). You want to shroom as soon as possible after starting the slide. Also don't enter the grass too late.
  • Briefly slide straight, and then hold right as you go tightly around the wall (you don't need to MT here; it won't save you any time). As you pass the wall, hop twice to the right into a quick MT (which you release back on the road).
  • Start an SSMT as you reach the zipper-ramp, and release it as you reach the end (the zipper-ramp is sort of like a shroom; sliding on it makes you go faster). SSMT again before the jump. Go over the jump as straight as possible (near the middle).
  • MT as soon as possible after landing. Slide around the turn, and start charging the MT just before the end of the turn.
  • Release the MT, then MT to the right, MT to the left around the corner, and head towards the grass.
Approach the grass at this angle.
Common mistake: Some people hold this MT too long and release it just before jumping into the grass. Don't do this. Release it around the corner.
  • Jump as far as you can into the grass, and then MT back onto the road (you should be cutting across quite a lot of grass here, so don't go too far to the left). Sometimes you'll get unlucky and bounce on the grass. If that happens, try to MT anyway. If you can't, then just do a short slide back onto the road.
  • MT around the final turn. Do one left-facing SSMT on the straight.

Non-Shortcut flap

  • Lap 2.
  • Start the lap with an MT across the line, and then an SSMT on the straight.
Use the 2nd flap shroom here.
  • Shroom #1: Land on the road and MT as you would on the 3lap, but turn more to the right during the MT. Then shroomslide into the grass. There's a section of grass where you'll get stuck, so you want to enter the grass as early as possible without touching that section. Then aim the shroomslide as much to the right as you can without hitting the wall, and stay as tight as you can around the wall (a lot of time can be gained or lost here, so it's important to stay tight).
  • Shroom #2: At the end of the first shroom (just after the corner of the wall) there's a dip in the road. Tap right and shroom just as you reach the corner (shroom as late as possible before leaving the ground), so that you turn right a bit while you're in the air. Hold left again as you land on the ground, and MT as you reach the road (you want to cut across as much grass as possible before the shroom runs out).
  • Shroom #3: Same as the 3lap shroom.

Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Shortcut flap

Strat here.

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