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Lex "RaydenEG" Szentmiklosy is one of the seven "Founding Fathers" of the Perfect Dark Elite. He could technically be termed the 3rd Eliter in history, as he was involved in the PDE's first speedrun challenge, competing against Ngamer and Yako on June 5th, 2000 for the best time on Infiltration Secret Agent. After 4 days of fierce competition, Rayden emerged victorious with a then-World Record time of 2:19. EG remained active on the rankings for the next two months, submitting scores to Pdark.com and later exchanging PR update e-mails with the other six after the death of Pdark. However, he quickly faded from the Elite scene as the Summer of 2000 rolled along, becoming the first Eliter to go inactive.

Although Rayden had not been heard from since August of 2000, he dropped by the Elite in early 2007 to assure his old friends that he was alive and well, and was close to earning a bachelor's degree at the New York Institute of Technology.