Rainbow Road (MK64)

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Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road (RRo or RRD) is Mario Kart 64's sixteenth (and last) course, and Special Cup's fourth course. It is also the longest ever Mario Kart track.

Non-Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Non-Shortcut flap

Strat here.

Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Shortcut flap

Non-Spiral Method:

After the boost you want to do a quick right facing mini-turbo. After this you want to aim for the right side of the track and jump into a left facing mt when you reach the first green spot on the track. You want to curve to the left on this slide and jump when you get to the left wall. If done correctly you should land really close to the spiral but not actualy get to it. Once you land back on the track you want to straighten out and use a shroom. When you use your shroom quickly get into a slide and quickly mini-turbo. Continue mt-ing around the turn hugging the wall. You want to stay close to avoid the chomp. Once you get past the first turn aim straight at the next turn and do not move.

Once you get close to the next turn do a quick mt around the corner and one more on the last bit of the corner and into the straight away. Straighten out and aim either to the left or right of the oncoming chomp. Get as close to the chomp as possible without hitting him and do a mt immediatly after you pass him. On this turn do two quick mts and then one last one as close as you can to the wall sliding a bit longer. Straighten out and aim for the next turn.

When you reach this turn you will want to do one mt. Go straight down the hill and tap A if you like, I am not sure if it adds any speed but I do it. Once you start slow on the the small hill you want to immediatly use your second shroom. Immediatly after this shroom runs out you want get into a right facing slide and use your last shroom. Do a couple mts until the next straightaway where you will want to aim for the next turn without moving.

Once you reach the next turn you will want to mt every so often. Do not mt too fast, you want to space them out a bit. When you get to the next straightaway after the long turn you will want to execute a SSMT. If you can't do those then do not bother because you can still get a fast time without it. Next you should see a part of the track that snakes and goes up a little hill. Mt up the hill and mt once more when the track starts to straighten out. Aim for the finish line and do not move. This was probably a bit confusing...:) but I have gotten a 1'15"57 with this strat and I can do better.

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