Mushroom City

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Mushroom City (aka MCt or MuC) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s tenth course, and Star Cup's second course.

3 Lap

33.8 - 33.4 - 32.8 = 1.39.0 For all Hero times"


Don't do them.


Do a turboboost and take a R in the straightway . Three Rs at the elbow way. A R , and then a slide to the right way ; you should go cut off the way to slide against the wall on the blue small path on the right. You should slide to the left again , but watch out for the red car. Its hard to avoid , but you got to go behind it , as a Wiggler truck will come up just after him ; plus it will spare you some time. A L and then a R heading to the right way (not in the cross of two ways , but just before it take the right way) Cut off the way again at the hook (but don't touch the wall) so you'll come out the downtown quickly. Then do the same thing again at the left side . Just watch out for cars. Then some Rs and Ls in the straight way , do a L and head into the left path. A L and then in the elbow way again 3 Ls. A L and then a R and then again a L in the straight way . Slide to the way where you must avoid several cars , and make from that slide a R . If you are able too , do a L and then a R to escape from the highway . A L and finish . Flap should be done in the third lap , see strat beneath ;

Fast Lap


Do the same , but before you head the highway , do a R to the right . You'll see a brown way with much dirt and dust . Shroom both shrooms over it . When you come out of it , do a R . Finish.

The flap of this strat has achieved a 32.888 , the 3lap a 1:40:311.


60Hz 3lap 1'35"279 by (Matt Tanzer) 1lap 31"155 by (Matt Tanzer)
50Hz 3lap 1'34"287 by (Andreas Rudmarker) 1lap 30"912 by (Andreas Rudmarker)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'33"997, God+10 by Andreas Rudmarker
50Hz Flap: 30"789, God+10 by Andreas Rudmarker

60Hz 3lap: 1'33"956, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn
60Hz Flap: 30"775, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 31"597, 30"899, 30"899 = 1'33"395

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