Mario Raceway

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Mario Raceway

Mario Raceway (MR) is Mario Kart 64's eighth course, and the Flower Cup's fourth course.

Non-Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Non-Shortcut flap

Target Time: 23.15 GOD Official WR: 23.05 (by Luke Barnard)

This probably one of the hardest GOD times to achieve, this lap requires near-perfect driving to achieve the target time. The strat I'm going to describe will get you GOD, but it will require many hours of practice to actually achieve it.

This is one of the only flaps where its faster to do on first lap, which is convenient. So start off with your start boost and jump into an immediate right facing slide. Go into the grass, cutting the wall as close as you can, while building up your MT. Here you wanna slide outside ever so slightly, then when you're start shroom begins to wear off, fire off your first shroom. By this point, release your MT, hop twice (at least) around the brick wall, and make a beeline for the point on the track where its about halfway around that left turn. Hop into a left facing slide and pull out a VERY FAST MT to get your speed back up after you're back on the track. Let the glide carry you to the point where there is a slight bend to the left in the track. Right at the bend, jump into a left facing slide, and build and release an MT as you finish rounding the turn.

This next part is very hard to describe, cuz once you get it down, its automatic. Glide for a bit from the previous MT, then jump into a right facing slide while going into the grass. Build and release an MT as quick as you can, then jump through the little pirahna plant closest to the wall and the big mushroom so that you can go between the wall and the big mushroom. Yes, you read right, jump THROUGH the pirahna plant. The whole idea is to spend as little time in the grass as possible, so you'll want to get as much air as you can through this passage. Provided you land this maneuver successfully, hop about three times to get you back on the road. As soon as you get back on the road, hop into a left facing MT, finish it just as you're beginning to go through the little S-curve. glide for a split second then jump into a right facing half MT/half SSMT and build and release it as fast as you can. Glide for about a second down this straight, then jump into another right facing slide. Build up an MT, then release it as you go into the grass. As soon as you're in the grass, start hopping. Hop as fast as you can while going around the brick wall, staying as close as you can to the wall as you go. As you round the wall, start turning towards the left, then hop into a left facing shroom slide. This shroom slide should carry you all the way to the road thats just before the tunnel. During this slide, build up an MT that you will release the moment you hit the road.

CHECKPOINT! At this point, just before you hit the shadow of the tunnel, your timer should be at about 18.8x-18.9x (22.60-22.85 for PAL players), preferably closer to 18.8x for GOD pace. Anyway, let the previous MT's glide carry you to about the end of the shadow tunnel. If you came out of the shroomslide right, your kart should be angled towards the right side of the road, by the grass at the end of the tunnel. Here, start a right facing shroomslide at about the edge of the shadow before going into the grass. The angle of this shroom is tough to get right, but what i use as a point of reference is the shadow from the brick wall. If you slide right along the edge of that, or just on the inside, you can and prolly will get the best angle at which to land. Anyway, build up an MT during this final shroom slide. As soon as you land, turn sharply to the right, so that you're heading straight for the line in front of you instead of at an angle. Right when you land, release the MT, and just glide to the line.

And thats it! Simple, right? WRONG. Once you get into the upper levels of karting, this course will prove to be the hardest to drop off even .01, even if you do have Leg+/GOD level abilities. Even at King levels though, this course is tough to improve, because of the level of skill needed. Like i said earlier, many hours of practice will be needed to improve this to a high level, so good luck!

Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Shortcut flap

Strat here.

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