Mario Circuit (MKDD)

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Mario Circuit (aka MCr or MaC) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s sixth course, and Flower Cup's second course.

3 Lap

0 SHROOMER , L, L up to the first corner staying as tight as possible to the rim of the track. Mount the rim of the corner with another L. Then R, R (if possible, one will suffice) with the latter cutting the grass of the second corner. L, L, L, L, L around the corner past the chain chomp again staying tight to the rim of the track. An R, L, L, going into the beginning of the tunnel. L, R, L through the tunnel ideally keeping to the right hand side. Then L, L, L, L going down the straight, the fourth L taking you round the corner. Then R, R round the next corner before the bumps. Then L, L over the bumps. L around the corner and an R at the start of the mound. Get an air MT ready whilst going over the bridge, let it go just before you touch the ground and MT over the finish line.

'1 SHROOMER Same start up until the first R, R. After that mount the grass and drag it for half a second. Shroom to the left of the tree and swing yourself back round picking up the strat going into the beginning of the tunnel.

Fast Lap

Same as one Shroom but no need to drag the grass. Just use two Shrooms, but stick as tight as possible to the corner coming off the grass.


60Hz 3 lap 1'27"472 by (Marijn Jongbloed) lap 27"850 by (Marijn Jongbloed)
50Hz 3 lap 1'27"409 by (Hendrik Bunde) lap 27"781 by (Aron Langerak)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'26"807, God+7 by Richard Karlsson
50Hz Flap: 27"676, God+7 by Richard Karlsson

60Hz 3lap: 1'26"949, God+5 by Andrew Math
60Hz Flap: 27"724, God+5 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 29"721, 28"364, 28"364 = 1'26"449

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