Luigi Raceway

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Luigi Raceway

Luigi Raceway (LR) is Mario Kart 64's first course, and the Mushroom Cup's first course.

Non-Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Less Advanced

Non-Shortcut flap

Strat here.

Less Advanced

Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Shortcut flap

As usual, it would be about .15 (15 hundredths of a second) faster to do this fastlap on the second lap, but due to the difficulty of the SC (shortcut), a strong time can be earned much quicker by going for fastlap first lap.

To begin the first lap, if you're picky enough to care losing .01 (or maybe even a whopping .02), use the Everettstart to begin the race. Just after Lakitu initiates his blue light and your kart begins to move forward, jump into a slide facing left. Change the color of your smoke from white to yellow, and then from yellow to red quickly and release the slide as your rocket start expires.

After the rocket start MT, glide forward down the straightaway for about one second. Now, just before the road starts to incline into a small hill, jump into a slide face left and execute the MT quickly.

Glide over the small hill after this MT, and at the bottom of the hill, do another MT facing left. This time, instead of staying on the road, intentionally drive into the sand to the left of the road just before the first turn.

About .5 after you go into the sand, jump into a slide facing left and shroom immediately as the slide begins. Try to stay as close to the left brick wall as possible while shrooming. With good timing, use your second shroom just as the first shroom ends, and continue to hug the left brick wall. Once again, as this second shroom ends, use your third shroom and return to the road as this final shroom ends.

When you return to the road, your should be sliding with red smoke. Release this slide as you return to the road and glide into the tunnel, moving toward the right wall of the tunnel.

As you enter the tunnel, close to the right wall of the tunnel, jump into a slide facing right and execute this MT close to the right wall of the tunnel. Glide about a kartlength away from the right wall of the tunnel until just before the end of the tunnel.

Just before the small right turn exiting the tunnel, turn your kart a little bit to the right and quickly jump into a slide facing left. Try to stay close to the right wall as you perform this slide and quickly make your smoke red.

With your smoke red, continue to slide and begin to turn sharp left. Once you get about a kartlength away from the sandy slope, release your slide for an MT and jump into the slope. The best spot to make contact with the slope is about 3 kartlengths after the tunnel exit.

After jumping into the left slope, hopefully you'll do a double-bounce off the slope and clear the gray wall. It's very difficult, but necessary to max out your potential.

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