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The Elite community is well known for its use and overuse of memes, either created elsewhere or within the community itself. The following is a list of memes which have been or currently are used to a significant extent in the elite community. For the sake of this list, it has been divided into three important areas, two being The Elite's AIM Chatroom and The Elite messageboard's Free For All forum. This is because these are the elite's two hotspots for memes and the origin of the meme's usage within the elite usually stems from one of these places. The third are memes which were phrases or situations which goodspeedruntrainer has dealt with, but due to their uniqueness, hilarity or bizarreness have become memes.

The Elite Chatroom

Din mor

Literally meaning "your mother" in Swedish, this meme is a twist on a classic diss in all languages. It is not uncommon in the elite chat to hear this as an answer to any question, no matter how non-sexually implicative. ShadowZero is one of the most common users of this meme, however infil, DK, Karl Jobst and Axel Andersson are also known to fittingly time this answer into many inquiries found in the elite chat.

Examples of Din Mor used as a meme:

katslover42 (03:41:43): Over 1 million people have HIV 8-(

ShadowZeroPD (03:42:23): hm, didn't know din mor had slept with so many

ShadowZeroPD (9:37:40 PM): 10000

ShadowZeroPD (9:37:42 PM): 20000

ShadowZeroPD (9:37:43 PM): 30000

ShadowZeroPD (9:37:44 PM): 40000

Neo26988 (9:37:49 PM): What are you doing

ShadowZeroPD (9:37:52 PM): din mor

===lemonparty=== A well known shock site on the internet, it is estimated that approximately 50% of hyperlinks found in the elite chatroom are disguised links which will send visitors to this webpage. The most common perpetrator of this action is ShadowZero and it is well known by elite veterans not to click his links until you have hovered them to see the true source of the page. In the past, the links were often disguised as proper hyperlinks to legitimate websites, but recently, the link will be given away as part of a joke, with the hyperlink text referencing the three men on the site. Disguised links to Jimbo's now infamous pushup picture are sometimes posted in the same fashion.


It is always morning in the Elite chatroom! "Morning" is used as a universal greeting to all chatters, regardless of time zone or current time. See also: The Truth.

NFL Related Memes

  • Sea-things
  • Penalty on Jax

Posting Stache.jpg Pigsmile.jpg and Tarnation.jpg excessively

These smilies can be copied and pasted by anyone in the chatroom, and have since lost all real meaning. Some chatters can convey emotion with these smilies, but the line is certainly blurred. It is not uncommon for chatters to post nothing but the same emoticon consecutively as many times as possible, until someone breaks the chain. Other popular emoticons include the lobster set (popularized by DK), the "sketchy" set (popularized by Europeans such as ShadowZero and Axel Andersson), and the "school of rock" set (popularized by wiff, Dayle and Comet). It is popular for these emoticons to randomly replace the vowels in words to punctuate a point, such as "sleep" in which both the letter "E"s would be replaced with these emoticons.


A statement of laughter which perhaps conveys the most sense of hilarity in the chatroom. An "ohoho" is typically reserved for especially funny moments. Follow it with an exclamation mark for particularly potent results.

Celebrating with _______

A meme started by ShadowZero, used to describe a course of action he is about to take. It became popular when he watched entire seasons of TV shows on his computer, and posted his progress in chat by "watch'd", and "gonna celebrate that by watching s03e07 of... the x-files!". This would continue for hours at a time as he progressed through the season in question. It has since extended to the announcement of going to bed, taking a shower, or shaving. Surprisingly, this is one of the few memes that has remained largely the territory of one Eliter, and not adopted by others. It is not quite known what SZ is celebrating, but popular opinion would state it is the arrival of din mor for her scheduled nightly session.

Lesser Significant Chat Memes

  • agd: The Swedish equivalent of "pwned". Can be used by itself, or taking the place of a syllable in another word (e.g., "Nadal just got Federagd"). The pronunciation of the 'a' is as in "apple", and the 'g' is hard as in "egg".
  • "boom": Expresses triumph or excitement. Usually used during sporting events when a big play is made, when a prop bet is won, or when an eliter's sister has been successfully added on facebook.
  • OVER, SPOT ON: An expression which gained popularity during the 2007 Elite Summer Contest when spread betting. Chatter DK made it his goal to always vote OVER regardless of the line for that match. This overuse eventually lead to DK shouting "OVER" in almost any event, regardless of it being a betting line or nor. Interestingly enough, in the 2008 Elite Summer Contest Spread Betting season, Wouter Jansen made it his goal to predict a line exactly, or SPOT ON. For every match, he would predict SPOT ON and amazingly he correctly predicted a match in the 2008 contest. SPOT ON has gone hand in hand with OVER as memes in the elite chat when predicting anything.
  • "I bet my entire life savings": A meme started by DK, expressing interest in an item or concept. If DK is willing to bet/spend his life savings on something, you know he has at least read the conversation in question. The expression is an homage to Jimbo, who once (seriously) said that he would bet his entire life savings that the Green Bay Packers would make the playoffs in 2008 (which they did not). This often goes hand-in-hand with referencing Jimbo's That 70's Show DVD collection, which is considered a most valuable commodity.
  • Let the guns do the talking
  • ciai
  • very very fine
  • Apple, time clock, etc.
  • wre, free :D, lrague, bread grooming (and other famous typos)
  • Losing your memories: Pokes fun at the Heros television series in which characters often lose their memories
  • Anze Kopitar
  • This game's winner is... __________dorf
  • The villa is glad, the silo guard is obstructive, etc.
  • Phil Lollins (FUCKING LOOK)
  • Chili Staff

The Elite messageboard's Free For All Forum


  • Why u so nasty


Josette, Rain, Paul, Cuddly Pines

nth time I watch it

This meme, inspired by Axel "7nd time I watch it" Zakrisson's movie journal thread in FFA is now commonly used in many situations of which a repetition has taken place. The meme, deemed funny due to the poor grammar ("7th time I watched it, 7th time I have watched it, I have now watched it seven times" would be appropriate) has blown up and is referenced in almost any situation related to Axel Z himself.

Lesser Significant Memes

  • Roystering
  • Dave Consol'd


speedruntrainer's infamous youtube posting




*means (a good PR, etc)