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KotHBot screenshot

KotHBot is a program developed by Infil to streamline the administration of KotH challenges and provide an interface for hosts to quickly or automatically mark questions and participants to view current leaderboards, time remaining, and other statistics. The program started modestly, but has grown to attempt to handle the vast majority of KotH trivia challenges.

Development started in July 2007, and Infil worked full time on the project until other obligations pulled him away from the project, then over 90% complete, in September. After several months away, Infil got back to work on the project in April 2008 and KotHBot enjoyed its first release in the summer of 2008. The program was used for the Elite's 2008 KotH season to administer all IM-style challenges, and positive feedback indicates it will remain in use for future KotHs. Those interested in more details are encouraged to check out the project website, where they can download the software and read more about its capabilities and features.

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