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Golf Peaks

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Golf Peaks Game Cover


Golf Peaks was released on November 13, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows,, macOS, and the Mac operating systems. It was made by Afterburn Studios who made other games like inbento. [1]

It was added to on July 28, 2019.


Super Mods




Runs require video as proof. Time starts when 1-1 shows up. Time ends as soon as the Afterburn logo shows up in the credits.[2].

World Record - 16m 40s 560ms by Snafful

All Levels

Runs require video as proof. Must play through all the levels, including the secret one. Time starts as soon as 1-1 starts. Time ends after completing the secret level.[3].

World Record - 21m 31s 035ms by nostairway

Individual Levels

There are 81 levels to speedrun in Golf Peaks, all of the world records being taken by Snafful. Level 1 has a tie with Snafful and JDMI