Goldeneye 007 Tutorial: Bunker 1 Secret Agent

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This is a tutorial for Goldeneye 007. For an outline of the strategies used in this tutorial, see the main level page.


Target Time - 0:21

Note: AUTO AIM OFF. Unless you are much better than the average player, getting 0:21 on this level will be MUCH MUCH easier with auto aim off, and the mastery of the on-strafe headshot.

As you play this level, you will notice that some of the cinemas will ruin your run right away. The cinemas that do so are the ones that show the guard opening the two doors towards your start point; ultimately slowing the guard down so much that he will see you after you emerge from your 1st camera room. If the cinema shows the control room, or the ONE cinema that has the guard only opening 1 door, you will be fine.

Once you get a "good cinema", turn around, open your door and swiftly take out the 1st camera. Open the door to your right, round the corner and walk straight towards the 2nd camera. Make sure that both cameras do not take more than 2 shots (4 shots are allowed for the 2nd camera, but more-than likely you will get a backboost here). Quickly turn around and dodge the almost inevitable backboost (gotta be quick to avoid this) and take out the keycard guy ON THE STRAFE with a headshot. What helps with the headshot is the near perfect aim you will have at the 3rd camera with this too, as the keyguy's head is at almost the same height you aim at as the 3rd camera. If you were fast enough, the 3rd camera should be aiming at you, take it out with 3 shots or less and very quickly turn around / pause. Select the KF7 first, then the camera. When you unpause, the guard you left behind you hopefully will have boosted you down the stairs (If you were BACKBOOSTED first, pause out and restart, I'm sorry). As you are down the stairs, take the pic without breaking strafe and jerk to the table like Agent. On your way to the table, take out your KF7 (easily done by highlighting KF7 before you take out your Camera in the first pause), go around the table, aim up at the glass and shoot like crazy. If you are very lucky, you will have placed a bullet in the lens of the 4th camera and completed the objective. KEEP YOUR NERVES IN CONTROL HERE! As you destroy the last camera, make a swift movement in the direction of the glass door and open it just as you pause. Select the key analyzer here. While pausing, you should get some boosts up the stairs (ultimately avoiding the dreaded backboost) Analyze the key while running to the end hopefully completing a warp to finish.