Goldeneye 007 Tutorial: Bunker 1 Agent

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This is a tutorial for Goldeneye 007. For an outline of the strategies used in this tutorial, see the main level page.


Target Time - 0:17

Start off by skipping both cinemas. Open the first door, then turn left and open the second. Pause right now. Hope as you are pausing you get boosted or shot at, at least once. Select the camera, and unpause.

Turn left and strafe left down the hall. If you didn't get 2 boosts by now, you aren't getting 0:17. Turn right, look up at the standard plane, and take the pic as you are running down the stairs.

Strafe over to where Boris is. Pick up the key by doing a 180 degree turn almost and keep in right strafe. Now strafe to where the black guards are, and pause right in the middle of them.

If you are super lucky, you will get boosted through. If not, pause out. If you got 13 seconds at the pause out, you are going what we believe is fast enough for 0:17. Anyways, select the key analyzer. Unpause, and then press Z to analyze while strafing towards the door, hopefully getting anywhere from 3-5 boosts in the process. Open the door, and press A switching guns hoping to do an insane warp and finish.