Frappe Snowland

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Frappe Snowland

Frappe Snowland (FS) is Mario Kart 64's sixth course, and Flower Cup's second course.

Non-Shortcut 3lap

Target time: 1:40.99 GOD Official WR: 1:40.62 held by Michael Jongerius

Right from the beginning there are two different strats you can do. You can get a rocket boost and do a regular MT around the corner, or you can do what's known as the Friedstart, due to its discovery by Michael Fried. I'm gonna describe the Friedstart, as thats the strategy I use.

Start out with a rocket boost into an immediate yet short AB spin to the right into a shroom slide. I'll say now that the timing and angles involved here is extremely difficult to get right. There's just a certain feel for it that you have to find. Anyway, build up an MT during the shroom slide. You should get the timing so that your start shroom runs out just a bit after you hit the regular track again. Also, as soon as you hit the road again, release the MT you'd been building up. Glide for a bit, hop once or twice around the corner to adjust your angle, then do one left facing MT around the corner, and let the glide carry you down this straightaway. Here, I've heard it is suggested that go you to the right of the snowman, because it is supposed to be more natural when coming out of the previous MT. However, I've never been able to make it feel "natural", per se, myself, and I almost always go the left of the snowman when gliding. Besides, if you do it right anyway, going to the left will only require minimal adjustment, if any. Anyway, moving on.

Coming up is a fairly sharp U-turn to the left. Jump into a left facing MT, let it go about a third of the way around the turn, and hop a few times to keep the turn tight. This turn must be kept tight! All turns must be kept as closely cut as possible, but this one is important for saving those precious tenths of a second, especially when every tenth counts when going for GOD. Anyway, after releasing the MT around this turn, I've hopped anywhere from 2-4 times around this turn, but on average, it is about 3 or times that I hop. After coming out of this turn, hop into an immediate right facing MT around the slight turn after the u-turn, and make that one as quick as you can. Now here, you can glide a bit, turn slightly right then go back left to the MT around the corner, or you can hop a bit to the right then hop into the left facing MT around the next corner that leads down the hill. I personally hop, but i'm pretty sure that it doesnt matter either way. Anyway, release the MT, glide down the hill, then over the jump.

After jumping the river, hop into a left facing MT, slide around the corner, then release the MT and straighten out. Now here is where there are differences in strats again. Some people go to the left of all the snowmen, some go to the right of the left most two snowmen. I personally try to go to the left of all the snowmen, but I didnt get the angle right on lap 2 of my GOD run, and I ended up going to the right of two snowmen. I'm not sure how much of a time difference, if any there is here, but if there is one, its only maybe .01 or .02.... .03 at most, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, left or right of the two snowmen, just before you hit the snow, jump into a left facing shroom slide. now this shroom is prolly one of the toughest in the game to do consistently, but with some practice, you can get it a good majority of the time. Ideally, you'll be in the shroom slide, building up an MT, then when you go airborne, you should be at such an angle that when you land, you go directly between the two snowmen that sit around that turn. If it were to be a perfect landing, you wouldn't have to adjust at all, and you can just jump straight into the next MT. This landing takes tons of practice to get down every time, and even then, you'll probably have to live with some slight adjusting when landing (I usually adjust slightly anyway out of habit). Anyway, upon landing, jump into an immediate left facing MT around the corner, and bust it out as quickly as you can. Glide for about a second and a half, then do a very quick right facing SSMT. I'm sure some people do left facing SSMTs here, and it might be a bit quicker, but I've done it facing right for as long as I can remember, and it's just second nature to me. After this SSMT, glide for a bit longer, then jump into a left facing MT around this long U-turn. Let it go around the turn, then hop about 2 or 3 times, jump into another left facing MT, and release it just as you come out of the turn. Glide down this bit of straight, jump into a right facing MT around the last turn, release it, glide a bit around the corner, and then jump into a right facing SSMT just before the line, then glide to the line.

That's more or less it. Two things that i can think of that will be different on the other two laps from lap 1. On laps 2 and 3, the beginning wont quite be the same, since there is no start shroom. after gliding across the line from the previous SSMT, jump into a right facing MT around the first turn, and release it when you come out of the turn. Glide for a bit, then jump into a left facing MT around the next turn. Release that one as fast as you can, then jump into another very quick left facing MT and release it as fast as you can. These two MTs are kind of tough to pull off, but once you get them down, it's hard to mess up. With the second MT, you should release it before you're too far into the straight away, as it will mean less adjusting, and more glide. With these two MTs instead of just the one on the first lap from the Friedstart, this is where it might be easier to come out on the right side of the snowman, but I still go to the left of it, with minimal adjusting.

Lastly, on third lap, you wont want to do the SSMT before the line like on 1st and 2nd laps, as it wont serve much good. So on the last corner, build up that last MT, slide all the way around the corner, then release it when you've straightened up on the bridge.

Non-Shortcut flap

Strat here.

Shortcut 3lap

Strat here.

Shortcut flap

Old Method:

Turn directly around from the start and go to the corner of the bridge on your left. From here you want to go directly from the corner of the bridge into the snow. Do not touch the normal part of the track. Drive a little past the finish line in a diagonal line going right. You should get caught and picked up by Lakitu. If done righ you will be place on the very edge of the bridge. Repeat this process again and a lap should trigger. Once Lakitu puts you down shroom immediately and get into a diagonal MT slide. You want to aim for either the left or right side of the finish line where the edge of the track meets the snow. If done correctly you can get as low as 5"41. If you are an NTSC player, you can even get 5"40, but it is impossible for a PAL player to hit this due to the conversion rate rounding error.

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