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The Falcon 2 is the default weapon on most levels of Perfect Dark. It is a solid, powerful, workmanlike pistol which carries 8 bullets. It fires automatically at a reasonably slow rate, but has no known upper limit on firing rate if you hammer the Z button at lightspeed.

Generally you'll get a lot of good use out of this weapon. You will learn to love it, and wield it as devastatingly as a good-sized machine gun.

The pistol whip thing is completely useless.

Firing Range

The Falcon 2 is also the subject of three challenges in the Firing Range.

Bronze Strategy

2.45s strategy

Perhaps the easiest WR in the Firing Range. All you need is a very fast finger or a fast autofire controller. Aim at the center of the target and let 'er rip. The WR tie with 2.45s was done with an autofire controller with a good functioning "Z" button.

Silver Strategy

Strat here.

Gold Strategy

Strat here.

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