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Emulator allows a computing device to emulate a video game console's hardware and play its games on the emulating platform.[1] Emulators are commonly used in speedrun communities even though some speedrun communities ban the use of emulators.

Use of Emulator


Main article: Tool-assisted Speedrun
Tool-assisted speedruns allow authors to use outside tools to aid their playing. For example, utilizing the save state function of an emulator to go back in time and revise mistakes, playing in slow motion, or using software to read variables directly from the game's memory, giving the player information not normally available to them.

Emulator policy in some speedrun website


The use of emulator is not allowed in Cyberscore. allows the individual speedrun community to decide if the use of emulators is allowed.

Speed Demos Archive

The use of emulator is not allowed in Speed Demos Archive.[2]

Emulator policy in some speedrun communities

Generally, the communities ban the use of emulator in mobile phone because that kind of emulators emulate the game inaccurately. Also, generally, emulator on the console is not allowed. The runners should read the rules of the speedrun categories to see the requirements of emulators of different communities.

Emulator list


  • DOSBox
  • ScummVM


  • Snes9x


  • Desmume
  • melonDS


  • Bluestacks

Pokémon Mini

  • PokéMini

Game Boy and Game Boy Color

  • Gambatte


  • Citra


  • Yuzu

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