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Egyptian Temple

Egypt (Part i of Mission 9: el-Saghira) is the twentieth and final level in GoldenEye 007. The Dot strat is often used on this level. The formal name of this level is Egyptian Temple.


World Record - 0:45

Target Time - 0:46

NOTE: if you can master Control Style 2.x, use it on this level. You may also want to use the recent time saver found by Henrik Norgren: after picking up the Golden Gun, open the two doors and crouch while opening the 2nd door, then quickly uncrouch to warp through the door (saves a few tenths).

Begin in left strafe, looking at a normal plane (lookdown doesn't help on this level). Strafe towards the GG room, and make sure not to lag on the pillar behind you as you do. Also, don't strafe into the wall so much by the GG room door, and try to open it far away. Strafe into the center of the door (so you don't get stuck on it when it opens), and take the correct path through the GG room (assuming you know it by heart already) as tightly as possible. Don't look down here since it lags more. When you pick up the Ammo, you can either switch to right strafe or stay in left, it doesn't make a difference really although some players have an easier time switching to right since it gives you a nice angle to open the next door and then switch to left strafe to pick the GG up. If you stayed in left, open the door, switch to right strafe (you probably want to lose full speed here, since turning back around is very hard if you kept full speed), then turn around and open the next door.

For the first Baron, align the center of the screen with around the left side of the pillar, and veer downwards just a little bit. The idea here is to shoot the first Baron as early as you possibly can, though it does not have to be frame perfect. If you miss him, quit out.

Strafe towards the left and, as quickly as possible, face towards where the 2nd Baron appears. Stand between the two pillars closest to the wall, and if you don't see the explosion right after you arrive that means the first Baron died a bad death, and you more than likely wont have any chance at 0:46 (though can easily get 0:47). If it doesn't appear within a second of arriving or so, just quit out unless you want a time around 0:48 (kneeling death first Baron).

Wait till the explosion fades, and just as it is about to fade run forward. Right as you are about to go between the two pillars on the opposite side of the room, shoot the 2nd Baron. Do not wait until you are actually between them. Try to aim just to the right of the far pillar that covers part of the explosion. Now strafe to the right and towards the secret door to the last Baron. As the screen darkens if you killed the 2nd baron successfully, you will see it. Open it up as far away as you can, and strafe past it, turn around and nicely enter the hole. If you strafe into the hole right away, theres a good chance you will get stuck on it and lose any chance at 0:46.

For the last Baron, aim at or just below the normal plane of view. As you approach the corner, try to switch to left strafe and hug the wall as much as possible when you turn, as you want to take a very tight turn for 0:46. Just as the center of the screen is aiming at the center of the cloud of smoke, shoot your GG and hope it hits the last Baron.

At first the last Baron will seem like mostly luck, but you will learn later there is indeed a lot of skill to it. Agent is a lot easier, since all you need for the 3rd Baron is a body shot (unlike SA/00A where you NEED a head shot).

If you hit him (or even if you didn't, actually), strafe to the left and towards the stairway. If the screen fades around the middle of the stairs, you got a good death and have a good shot at 0:46. If you missed him, quit at the middle of the stairs and if you quit out a 0:48, you were at 0:46 pace. If it fades at the bottom, you won't have any chance. Best deaths don't happen very often, so for that reason 0:46 may take a while, but keep at it even if you keep getting bad deaths right at the end. Good luck!

Secret Agent

World Record - 0:45

00 Agent

World Record - 0:45


Being the last level and all, Egypt sure disappoints difficulty-wise. It is extremely easy beating the level by doing the mission objectives in the opposite order (kill all Barons, then go for the Golden Gun). This strat won't get you the WR, though.


This level might be hard to get a completion on. It is probably very hard for rookies as it requires fast and good aiming. Some say that the 3rd Baron IS the entire level, and, perhaps completion-wise, they're right. Because killing the 3rd Baron quickly before he kills you is hard. Prepare to die a lot of times by the 3rd Baron. Make sure to aim for his head at all costs. There is obviously a fair deal of luck involved in getting proper Baron animations. All it takes is a bad animation and you're pretty much dead. Also, as you play this level, beware of spawned guards!

The World Record of 1:19 is amazing.

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