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The Dragon is a mid-range machine gun found in Perfect Dark on Infiltration, Rescue, Air Base and Maian SOS (only SuperDragons appear on Escape). It's reasonably powerful and reasonably accurate with a reasonable zoom range. By far its most useful characteristic is its secondary function, by which the Dragon can be thrown or dropped with a proximity fuse. After a few seconds the dropped weapon becomes, essentially, a Proximity Mine, which can be triggered by being anywhere near it, or shooting it.

Uses for this function abound in the solo missions and also in the Combat Simulator. A good tactic is to drop the proxy Dragon right where it originally spawned, as a trap.

Firing Range

The Dragon is also the subject of three challenges in the Firing Range.

Bronze Strategy

Strat here.

Silver Strategy

Target time for strategy is 4s. The WR is 3.98s Stand off to the left, even with the target in front of you. Aim slightly to the bottom of the target and hold down the "B" button to trigger secondary fire. Let the dragon go and immediately look at the ground. This will cause less "explosion lag" and cut several tenths off your time.

Gold Strategy

Strat here.

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