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Depot (Part iv of Mission 6: St. Petersburg) is the thirteenth level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record - 0:25

Target Time: 0:26

This level is all in the strafelines and lookdown. You won't be able to challenge 0:26 until you know the lines and can strafe them with lookdown.

If you're going for 0:25, control stlye 2.x is compulsory. Wait for the cinema with the green screen. Shoot 5 bullets. This will attract the guards in computer network area, and they will (hopefully) give you a boost along the way.

Start out in left strafe. Turn right, then left. There will be a gate coming up. It is important to open it and get through quickly. The easiest way to do this is to aim ¼ of the gate from the left, and press B once you pass there. Flick the stick a tad right, and hopefully you get through no problem.

Keep going, and turn right, then left, then a tad left again. Now you will be close to the train. Look up on the standard plane now. You want to shoot a bullet into that train, so right before you are about to pass that fat wall, turn about 90 degrees and fire. This is known as the trainshot. It is difficult to pull off at first, but with practice, it comes easy. It saves just over 2 seconds and is absolutely necessary to get any WRs on this stage.

Now keep on strafing. Go in the door to the building switching to right strafe for a moment, then back to left. There are stairs on your right, and go up them with right strafe. At the top, change to left, and head to the next door. Open the door, change to right, and strafe down the stairs. Keep in right, and if you did the trainshot correctly, and the guards opened the roller door quickly enough (they don't always do it) strafe right through into the train. Hopefully you should have 0:26!

Secret Agent

World Record - 0:40

Target Time: 0:43

This is yet another level where you are most likely going to spend a whole bunch of hours waiting for just the right run for everything to fall into place. The most crucial part of this level is first of all Obj. A, where you will need to get both mainframes to blow up in a really neat manner. Secondly you must be able to perform the trainshot near the end of the level.

Before you begin the level, make sure that you go in the configuration menu and turn auto-aim OFF, as this will help you in quickly eliminating the screen in the mainframe room (Objective B).

For any chance of the current WR, control style 2.x is compulsory. The best time that has been achieved with 1.x is 0:43.

Start out in left strafe and be sure to take advantage of lookdown from the very beginning. Continue on like you would on Agent, by turning left twice, going a steady line towards the gate, open it and pass smoothly through. Now instead of taking right at the first corner, turn left towards the roller-door and open it as soon as possible. Keep running straight forward at the left part of the door while it is still opening so that you will slip right through when the door is raised high enough. Do a slight left-strafe to pass the huge pile of metal crates and immediately start shooting at the screen while running forward towards the furthest desk with the safe key on it. The reason you want auto-aim off for this is that you won't have any problems with the aiming “wanting” to shoot against any of the guards who are standing below the screen. Preferably you want every single shot to hit the screen in order to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Note that this part can sometimes be a pain since the guards will backboost you, making it a bit hard to shoot continuously.

After the screen explodes, quickly grab the safe key from the desk and switch to right strafe doing a 180 degree turn in your direction. Also turn extra sharp here to avoid getting stuck in the desk behind you. As you go back, go behind the two mainframes and at the same time try to damage them a bit by shooting at them while going in full strafe. Remember that you are not destroying them, only inflicting some damage so you cannot stop. The whole point in doing it this way is that the guards and drone guns will attempt to shoot you as you run behind the mainframes. This causes the mainframes to get hit as well, and occasionally they both will explode (Obj. A completes). Although it is somewhat improbable, this is the way you need to do it to get a decent time on this level. Don't expect an Obj. A completeage-ratio of anything more than once every 20-30 minutes or so of non-stop speedrun attempts. The guards and drones will usually keep shooting until you're outside of the building, so normally Obj. A will complete when you're near the blue dumpster on the outside. If it doesn't, however, you can still continue on if you want to practice the remaining part of the level.

When you're outside again (remember to go back into lookdown), change from right-strafe to left-strafe and go all the way down to the corner on the building to the left after the little downhill slope. Do a sharp left turn, move along the wall and do a slight turn at the corner. Now look up in the standard plane and once you're close to the slope towards the house, do a quick right turn and shoot at the back of the train for so to quickly return back into left strafe. This part, the trainshot, requires a bit of practice until you're able to do it right on most of your runs. Hopefully you will either hit one of the two guards inside the train, since the shot actually goes through the wall, or just make them react on being fired upon. This makes them open both the train door and the roller-door and you will see Objective D complete (note that they won't always react instantly, sometimes not until you're inside of the house).

Now just continue strafing towards the house entrance, open the door and change into right-strafe for the stairs. Strafe up the stairs and while still going right-strafe, turn around towards the safe and when you're approximately positioned at its corner, press B to open it (assuming you got the safe key), strafe a bit to the right side of it so that you're touching the side and you should pick up the blueprints unless you failed to open the safe in the first place. You will perhaps experience that timing the opening of the safe can be a bit difficult at times (such as times when you're on a run where mainframes blew up and you did a successful trainshot). Anyway, change to left-strafe turning 180 degrees and open the door leading to the stairs. Go into right strafe for the stairs and keep right strafe as you move on through the roller-door and inside the train, which both should be open unless you missed the trainshot. In case you missed the trainshot you'll just have to open the doors yourself, but don't expect anything close to the WR this way.

Something for you to keep in mind at the end: this level might take a whole lot of time to complete a speedrun on if you're going for a good time. Let alone the probability of Objective A completeage is pretty low, and on top of that you'll need to hit that train just right when Objective A finally completes. Prepare to get frustrated and damn near a nerve-crack on the very best runs. Also be sure to curse all you want at the damn level, crappy mainframes and the guards (although it doesn't seem to affect them a lot), but also know that the satisfaction of completing such madness is actually worth the hours spent (for some at least...).

00 Agent

World Record - 0:47

Target Time: 0:50

Note: Control Style 2.x is compulsory if you're going for anytime better than 0:50. The best time achieved with control style 1.x is 0:50 (a very, very solid time) although 0:49 is surely possible.

Prepare to pile up lots of hours on this level, as barely anything will ever complete.

Start out in left strafe looking down, and strafe towards the drone room. Hit the door from as far away as possible so you get in earlier, and strafe to the left into the room. The screen is key for 0:50, as it needs to be taken out before you reach the key. Shoot the first bullet at the screen right as you can see it, and run forwards, then switch to left strafe again and shoot the next 4 bullets at it and hopefully, if the bullets don't lag, you take the screen out. You should get backed by the drone here, and sometimes you get backed twice. If you get backed twice, it will be hard to get 0:50, but still doable. Grab the key off the side of the table, and quickly turn around. In right strafe, go around the mainframes and try to shoot each one 2-3 times. If you miss them, the chance of them completing is very small. And even if you do hit each one 3 times, it is rare for them to both blow up.

Leave the building and when you exit, change to left strafe and head towards the ammo cache room. Hopefully you get a boost as you go towards it, as that makes 0:50 speed a lot easier. As the ammo cache door is opening, hold forwards so you maintain full speed, and looking a bit down, strafe like hell to the left so you can see the ammo box. It is essential for 0:50 that you take out this box fast, so don't miss any bullets when you shoot it and make sure you don't hit the table to the right (there's an invisible wall, but its easy to tell when you missed the ammo box and hit the invisible wall). Hopefully the bullets come out really fast (basically needed for 0:50), and leave the room when the box blows up (preferably 5 bullets, but with 6 shot you can still get 0:50). Sometimes you will get a boost here. Change to right at this corner, and get ready to do the trainshot. It is slightly harder to do the trainshot in lag, but with practice it's actually quite consistent. The hard part is getting a good guard reaction so that the train door actually opens and he doesn't warp the door.

Enter the building. Open the door as far away as you can and in left strafe all the time, then veer to the right, go in, veer back to the left, then change to right and go up the stairs. In right strafe, try and strafe just along the railing so you don't do a wide turn, but beware of the wall sticking out by the safe if you strafe very close to the railing.

Mash B as you approach the safe, and hit the corner of it, pick up the documents and strafe the hell out of there. Hopefully the ammo cache is still blowing up (easy to tell by the lag and the screen moving up and down slightly) and strafe into the train. Try to avoid the guard(s) that opened the roller door or a backboost here. If you get backed, it is very hard to get 0:50. Make a nice sharp turn into the train and hopefully A completes while you are inside the train (you can still get 0:50 either way, but the game lags more since the rockets on the table by the ammo box's blow up just as the ammo box's complete, causing a ton of lag). Watch the cool cinema if you want, and hope for 0:50.

0:52-0:53 is pretty easy with this strat. If you missed the TS and got 53, then you were 100% 0:51 pace, with MAYBE a chance at 0:50. Same concept for if you missed it and got 0:52 etc. Good luck, just don't expect things to complete very often. The ammo cache completes ~50% of the time, and the mainframes ~4% or so.


Completion-wise, this is a fairly easy LTK level. If you're going for a good time, however, prepare to invest many hours. Depot is maybe the level with most factors in the entire game. The WR of 0:59 is quite strong although certainly not maxed.


Literally speaking, Depot DLTK is one of the toughest and most challenging of stages. While slower strats exists, such as this and this, completing the level can be very hard and demanding.

The key problem on this level is spawning guards. If Depot didn't have any, the level would be cake. The strats above manipulate the spawning of more guards and is recommended if you only want a completion (although at the same time they're kind of inconsistent). However, you still need to deal with the time-consuming open/close roller door-part in order to stun guards. This is extremely hard (especially since you have to repeat it multiple times) and if you happen to open any roller door too much, guards will shoot you to death.

The world record of 1:26 is...I-N-S-A-N-E. It also beats the target time on Secret Agent of 1:40.

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