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Dam (Part i of Mission 1: Arkangelsk) is the first level in GoldenEye 007.

World Records
Difficulty Time First achieved by
Agent 0:52 Karl Jobst on 2017-12-02
Secret Agent 1:16 Marc Rützou on 2011-01-28
00 Agent 1:54 Marc Rützou on 2020-11-14
LTK 2:12 Bryan B. on 2019-12-26
DLTK 6:17 Adam Bozon on 2017-01-28


All difficulties

Bungee jump from platform
The player must make it to the end of the level and walk off the platform.

Secret Agent+

Neutralize all alarms
The four alarms on the level must be destroyed.

00 Agent+

Install covert modem (B)
The player must place a modem (a gadget and projectile) on the screen near the padlocked gate.
Intercept data backup (C)
The player needs to activate the mainframe in the basement. It is not necessary to wait for this to complete before leaving.


Bad Cinema

One of the 6 opening cinemas shows the gate guard walking towards the camera through the first open gate. This is the 'bad cinema' for all difficulties and you should just reset.

On all other cinemas the gate guard moves in the opposite direction, unloaded, and will end up opening both of the gates for us. In the bad cinema you must press the button and wait for the first gate to close before the 2nd can open, losing a couple of seconds.


Unworkable, impossible, and infeasible strategies, including TAS ideas, can be found on the Unworkable Strategies page.

Fast Gate Strategy

Explained here. Mandatory for all runs.

Mainframe Door Lure

An un-debunked strategy[1], Marc Rützou used this to set the untied world record of 1:54 on 00 Agent. This requires picking up at least one KF7, either from the right guard in the very first tunnel near spawn, or from the guard that runs to the alarm after the big gate. In the basement, as soon as you enter the "zig-zag" before the mainframe door section begin firing the KF7. With only one KF7 (10 bullets) you will run out of ammo before reaching the last guard. If you picked up two KF7 (20 bullets) there should be enough ammo to continue firing and eliminate the last guard in the path to the door. This should make enough Noise that the mainframe area guard is alerted and will open the door for you just as you arrive. [2]

Technical Details


  • There is no link in the navigation graph through the lockshot gate, and so guards cannot run across it. If they try to plot a route to Bond on the other side then this will just fail and they won't move.
  • When the alarm goes off for the first time, 2 guards spawns before the double gate and run to Bond, as well as the two guards in the building where the modem console is[3][4]. Again the guards will fail to run to Bond if he is on the Dam
  • The two guards who patrol around the double gate at the start will not attack you until they reach their destination or are disrupted. One goes near the tower of silver crates, while the other goes to the destructible boxes nearby the gate. Occasionally their pathing will mess up and they'll spin in circles and be harmless. [5]
  • Tunnel guards have a 25 / 256 (~9.8%) chance of becoming normal guards each time that they would otherwise pick an attack.


Lookup on Dam

After the lockshot, the difference between lookup and lookdown on the Dam is minimal.[6][dubious ]



General tips
  • Getting 0:37 lockshot quitouts is an indicator you're on pace for 0:53[8]
  • When you get out of the big gate, stay close (but not touching) to the left wall
  • Aim to the middle of the small gray gate, it opens really fast so you can maximize that line[8]. You can open the rolling gate and press the big gate button from farther away than you might think[9].
  • You have to be looking at the ground most of the time to reduce lag[10]. You can't look down from tunnel to button because this will cause slow gates, but you should be looking down from start to tunnel turn and then from button to lock[9].
  • Switching weapons causes unneeded lag and potentially adds a couple frames to the in game timer[10].
  • A general tip for the lockshot is to find a texture/line on the wall to setup the right angle during approach. Consider Dan Cervone's 1.2 zero boost Agent 0:53 and notice how he lines the tip of the PP7 to a line on the wall[11].

Secret Agent

00 Agent



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