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Antenna Cradle

Cradle (Part iv of Mission 7: Cuba) is the eighteenth level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name of this level is Antenna Cradle.


World Record - 0:34

Watch both cinemas. Start out running, not strafing, and shoot 4-7 shots straight ahead. Since this is Agent, auto-aim will usually take out that guard there. Next, start into a right strafe, and look up about 45 degrees. You will pick up either 1 or 2 ZMGs here. Make a left, and kill the 1 or 2 guards here, picking up their guns. If none of the guards had double ZMGs, restart, since you can't kill Trev with only 1 ZMG.

Go right down the ramp. Go down the small stairs, and all the way to this little abutment on the right there, facing the inside of the building Trev goes into. Start shooting to take out the guard that will come. Now, it takes practice, but you need to learn how to time this part right. When it's time, run in shooting and try to hit Trev. Keep in left strafe now, and go around that big machine-like thing, and then shoot out the console. Keep in left, and go out the door.

Go down the ramp, in left strafe. Keep in left strafe. Basically, you want to be strafing down the ramp, shooting, and just hope you hit Trev in the head. This is very rare, and in no event even guarantees 0:34, but it is needed to get the time.

After doing this, make a 180 degree turn around still in left strafe. Keep down this catwalk, and soon you should see some stairs. Go down them, and if you killed Trev, the next door will be open (if he didn't die slow, that is). Switch to right strafe and go through the door, then down the ladder. As soon as you go down the ladder, tap on C-left as to not fall off the platform. If all went well, the level should be now fading out for a completion.

0:34 is a very hard time and you will most likely end up in getting a ton of 0:35s before finally nailing a run!

Secret Agent

World Record - 0:34

"Grenade strat" - 0:35

One word of warning: 0:35 is a tough time to get. You need a great deal of skill, knowledge, patience and luck (not necessarily in that order). Grenades are notoriously rare on Cradle (it makes it look like grenades on Surface 2 are common, which they aren't).

Watch the cinemas.

Start out and shoot 7-14 shots straight ahead. Don't strafe here, but run. As soon as you're done, start a right strafe and use lookup. Pick up the ZMG(s) and switch to them. Make a left as you get to the top of the ramp.

There will be either one or two guards here. In order for the WR strat to work, one of them must pull a grenade. Kill the guard(s) here, and if no grenade was yielded, restart. This can take 25-30 minutes if you are a lucky bastard, but it usually takes double that time, if not more. A GoldenEye speedrunner gets a grenade ~once an hour in average. But always prepare for the worst: sometimes you need to play 2-3 hours or more until a guard finally pulls a grenade for you - not to mention that he has to do it on the right spot at the right time.

Once you've gotten a grenade, head right down the ramp, down the stairs, and wait in front of that rectangular brown pillar-thing, facing the door Trev just went in. You want to have the guard come out of there early in order to be able to time the entrance right, which takes some luck.

Run in and start shooting at Trev. Hitting him inside the hut so that he starts talking seriously increases the odds of him dying later on, but is not compulsory (he can still die as you toss the grenade at him). Anyway, go left, and take out the console (hopefully this will result in you getting a boost, but not dying). Left strafe this whole time and then strafe out of the building. Switch to grenade and start priming.

Switch to right strafe at the end of the ramp, and after 4 seconds of priming, toss the grenade to the other side of the catwalk where Trev will go. If you did it right, it will land right in his path, and hopefully kill him.

Keep going and switch to left at the joining platform. Go down the stairs, and open the door (if it is not already open), fall down the ladder, and if all went well, you might have this WR!

00 Agent

World Record - 0:34

Yet another 00 Agent level with the same WR strat as its Secret Agent counterpart. The "only" differences are that the first guards are harder to kill, you are more likely to get backboosted in the console room, you are more likely to die from the console explosion, and it is harder to kill Trev. Just as usual, keep playing until all goes well.


Cradle LTK 0:34 is the most tied LTK record to date. However, it is still a good time and requires a very good run to get.

If you want to complete a level on LTK, why not try Cradle! There aren't many guards at all and Trev has 0 health and can easily be killed by blowing up the drone gun in the hut. Beating the level should be like stealing candy from a baby.


This level was considered to be impossible for a very long time. Ironically, once beaten (by using a very clever strat), the level isn't really very hard at all, although it sure tries your patience. This is also the level where luck gets another meaning.

The absolute worst thing about Cradle DLTK (completion-wise at least) is the very start. The key to beat this level is to cut both cinemas away as soon as possible and begin right-strafing immediately. By doing that, Trev will be in the first guard's line of fire, albeit not for long. With practise you will hopefully be able to reach the first corner alive on about 15% of your runs.

General advice for the rest of the level: watch Cradle DLTK videos. Watch them especially so you get the idea where exactly you should stand in order to get Trev damaging/suiciding himself by tossing grenades.

If you just want a completion, pick up the body armor in one of the huts (that way you can afford to get hit once without dying, increasing your odds in surviving). However, for any chance at the WR, it is strongly recommended you ignore the body armor.

The odds of Trev killing himself before guards makes it down the ramp(s) are very low and this only happens about once every 10 hours. The odds of objective A (the console) completing are slightly better and there is about a 15% chance that the console will also blow up if Trev dies when using the world record strat. Getting a completion where both objectives (Trev dying as well as the console exploding) complete on the very same run while standing near the end of the level only happens about once every 50-100 hours. A typical completion with that strat would get you about 1:00-1:05, therefore, the WR of 0:55 is obviously a once in a lifetime run and will probably remain untied forever.

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