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Control Centre

Control (Part ii of Mission 7: Cuba) is the sixteenth level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name of this level is Control Centre.


World Record - 3:56

UPDATE: A new strat discovered by Henrik Norgren made this level a whole lot easier and much more consistent in terms of fast objective A completions. The new strat reportedly saves a bit more than a second and involves throwing two mines through walls and looking at Natalya while she runs down the stairs among other things.

Control is primarily a knowledge-based level (more so than other levels at least) and in order to get a good time, you need to know how Natalya works.

Secret Agent

World Record - 4:04

00 Agent

World Record - 4:05


This is a semi-tough LTK level. Using the same protection strat as the one in the SA/00A World Record videos can be quite tricky. However, there is a much easier protection strat available (see WR video).

The WR of 4:23 is pretty darn good, albeit not maxed.


One of the harder DLTK levels out there. Prepare to get killed a lot of times on great runs. The protection part can be particularly annoying, as well as the silver crate area with its body armored guards. The current WR is far from maxed and doesn't really belong to the stronger records in the game.

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