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Water Caverns

Caverns (Part iii of Mission 7: Cuba) is the seventeenth level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name of this level is Water Caverns.


World Record - 1:01

NOTE: for any shot at the current WR of 1:01, control style 2.x is compulsory.

Target Time: 1:03

Open the lift door and shoot no more than 5 bullets while in left strafe. Make a sharp right turn and go through the door. If Trevelyan beat you through the door, or you got stuck on these guards (which happens frequently) restart.

Keep strafing and make the progressive right downhill turn onto the catwalk. You can get a boost here sometimes. Make a sharp right on the catwalk and keep close to the rails. Go through the next door onto the next catwalk. There is a guard here who will often backboost you or block your line. If he does any of this, restart. The catwalk makes a slight right turn, then a left. Keep strafing down the next part of the catwalk and go through the next door.

As you are going through the next door, switch to right strafe and start heading up the spiral. The spiral IS the key part in this level. You want to keep as close as you can to the inside of the spiral, without getting stuck. This takes practice, but is probably needed in order to get a good time. About a third of the way up the spiral you will encounter a guard. Pretend he isn't there and strafe as close to the inside of the spiral as you can. You will sometimes get stuck, and if you do, restart.

Go through the door at the top of the spiral, hopefully getting boosted. It is possible (and acceptable) to get a backboost here as well. The room you enter now turns left, so do the same. Go through the next door and onto the next catwalk. Following the catwalk, make a right turn, then a left, then a right. Avoid all the guards on this catwalk. Go through the door on the right, and make a left down the next hall. There is another opportunity to get a boost here. Turn right down the final hall. In this area, you want to get as close to the left side of the hall as you can, without sacrificing speed, in order to avoid getting hit by the drone. If you do get a backboost from the drone, 1:03 should still be possible. At the end of this hall, move a bit right and head towards the lift. Open the lift door and switch weapons or hope for a boost to quickly warp to the end.

Most 1:03s have a boost ratio of +3, though +1 is possible and even negative boost ratios have resulted in 1:03. It is recommended to repeat this level until a good boost ratio is obtained for your best shot at this target time.

Secret Agent

World Record - 1:13

00 Agent

World Record - 1:31

NOTE: unless you are an insanely skilled player, JAP version is more or less needed for any chance at the current WR of 1:31.

Target Time: 1:42

Cinemas don't matter although there are a few patrolling guards around. Begin by opening the door and injuring both guards that you first see while using a left strafe. Try to get ahead of Trev before the first set of doors if you can. As you take a right, kill the AR33 guard to get his gun while attempting to injure the right guard at the bottom. Continue with left strafe into the next room while going down the stairs, then change to right strafe with a timed mine out. Throw the mine on the left console as low as you can while getting in front of that scientist to lure him out of there.

It's ~50% chance or so that this scientist will survive at this point. Change back to left strafe going into the little tunnel, trying not to get hit by the guard. Have your AR33 out by the time you see the screen and the consoles and shoot 3 bullets just to the right of the left scientist with a bit of spread. This should lure both of them out of there. Restart if you didn't lure both or have less than 7 bars of health at this point. Stop a little way up the stairs and throw another timed mine in the middle of the consoles LOW. This is because they don't blow up much if you throw it too high.

Right strafe up the stairs, change to left through the doors, and then back to right for the long spiral climb. You might get hit here, but usually only if you get stuck. Objective A should complete as you begin the climb, and you should only hear 1 groan of a guard at most. If you hear 2, restart.

Injure the patrolling guard about a 1/4 of the way up with your ZMG. When you get under the doors at the top, shoot 7 bullets to lure two guards. One of them has a much needed AR33. Kill them both and change to a left strafe for the remainder of the spiral. Enter the next room with a left strafe. If you want, try to injure the ZMG guard in the back right in case he wants to charge you. Otherwise this room shouldn't be more than one hit. You should have at least 6 bars and 4 timed mines left (3 if you play obj A the same way as SA) as you begin to reach the catwalks.

This is where luck becomes important. There's two ways to do this. The target time way you want to use a left strafe and run by all the guards until the first left turn. The safer way is to injure a few guards using a right strafe. Either way though, there is an AR33 guard with lots of BA that will almost ALWAYS hit you. Just expect to lose 1.5 bars during this part. Once you make the left turn to be out of the sight of the AR33 guard, kill every guard until the doors to Objective B. Have a timed mine out as you enter in a right strafe and throw it at the top of the stairs on the left side. This is used to clear some, if not all the guards in the upper area. However, sometimes timed mines won't detonate, but that's fairly rare. If it didn't detonate, you will most likely run into problem once you are done with objective B.

Get your AR33 out (should have 27 bullets) and take out the keycard guard and the AR33 guard + consoles behind him at the same time. Quick turn left and kill the left guard + console there. At this moment, you might be out of ammo for the AR33 or low. Either way, take out the right console last. Head back up the stairs in left strafe and ignore any guards that might be here. Chances are you'll get hit once or twice on your way to Objective C/D room no matter what. Throw another mine at the top of the stairs and another along the right wall just after the drone gun. Use your last mine and throw it into the final hallway a bit to kill those 2 guards. Open the slow door and shoot behind you, but enough so no one is alert in the next room.

Have your ZMG out and charge for the radio in left strafe. You'll want at least 4 bars left at this point. Kill the right RCP-90 guard if you can and quick activate the radio. Over 50% of the time the room will blow up before you get to the radio, killing you or failing the mission. If you manage to activate the radio, chances are that the room will blow up as you exit. If it doesn't, which quite seldom happens, turn around and blow it up yourself. Right strafe and take the next left to enter the last leg of the mission. If you have 2 bars or more, run through the drones in a left strafe. Chances are you'll get through without dying. If you got under 2 bars left, shoot them out using the RCP-90 or ZMG if you didn't get it. For the first drone, stand just to the left of the two doors and shoot it out. For the last drone, stand on the 2nd door and shoot it out from there. Just be careful of guards behind you or the one straight up ahead so you don't get hit at all.

The ending can be the most annoying part of the level. Don't be surprised if you die right next to the lift. It has more or less happened multiple times to every current and former top player at some point. To be safe, run straight and shoot anything you see with the RCP-90 (ZMG if you didn't get it), or use a left strafe and injure the guards on the right. Either way, get into the lift as cleanly as you can. You should now have a sub-2:00 time for this b*tch of a level.


This is a fairly difficult LTK level. The thing that makes it hard is primarily because of the many guards you have to encounter. However, unlike other levels, there isn't any really hard part on this level. Instead, it's fairly hard and challenging from the start to the ending.

Don't forget that spawning shotgun guards will appear once Trevelyan has spoken his last line. It is therefore recommended that you do the ending of the level fairly quick in order to prevent the shotgun guards in killing you.

The current WR of 3:03 is good, if not the strongest of LTK records.


Just like LTK, Caverns DLTK belongs to the harder stages. However, some DLTK experienced players claim this level to be overrated in terms of difficulty. The WR of 8:54 is definitely first-rate, although not maxed or close to maxed.

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