Bunker 2

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Bunker 2 (Part ii of Mission 5: Servernaya) is the ninth level in GoldenEye 007. This is the only level that uses the watch magnet attract.

Bunker 2
World Records
Difficulty Time First achieved by
Agent 0:20 Carl-Magnus Wall on 2021-04-28
Secret Agent 0:42 Rayan I. on 2019-10-02
00 Agent 0:52 David Clemens on 2021-08-17
LTK 1:27 Rayan Isran on 2014-02-13
DLTK 5:58 Adam Bozon on 2013-12-27



a. Recover CCTV tape
b. Escape with Natalya

Secret Agent

a. Compare staff / casualty lists
b. Recover CCTV tape
c. Disable all security cameras
d. Escape with Natalya

00 Agent

a. Compare staff / casualty lists
b. Recover CCTV tape
c. Disable all security cameras
d. Recover Goldeneye operations manual
e. Escape with Natalya

Version Differences

  • Watch magnet attract will start attracting objects after 60 frames on all versions, i.e. 1 second on NTSC and 1.2 seconds on PAL. This immediate loss of 0.2s alone makes NTSC strongly preferred on all difficulties.


Guard Patrol Paths

Map of guard patrol paths.

Guard patrol path

Bunker 2 Sets

Each level is broken up into sets, which are usually large regions of a the map. These are not the same thing as 'rooms' - generally there are a lot more rooms. When a guard needs to plot any route, they first "zoom out" to the level of the sets. They look for a path visiting the least number of sets to get from their set to your set[1].

So on Bunker 2 here's the relevant part of the map broken up into sets:

Bunker 2 sets

And here's the graph of those sets and how they are linked, which guards plot their routes through

Bunker 2 sets connected graph


Clipboard without 2nd Safe Key

The basic idea of the current WR strat is to avoid luring the 2nd safe key guard (in the safe room) while luring the clipboard guard[1].

Clipboard and 2nd Safe Key Lure

The key thing to notice is that if we're in set B / 7 / 9 (or even in the mainframe room since it only links to B), and the key guard is still in 4, then his shortest route is 4 -> 1 -> B, so he's lured around the top[1].

Whereas if he makes it into 8, then we have to be all the way over in 1 to lure him back (not possible).

So the broad idea is:

  • Lure the key guard out before we leave set 4
  • Lure the clipboard guard out
  • Get into B before the key guard reaches his first lure spot
  • Key guard is re-lured and we'll meet him later

It's also worth applying this to the clipboard guard.

This map that I've generated shows in pale red the circle that you can lure the clipboard guard from at max noise on console (19.85). If you lure him reasonably late (good) then it'll be beyond the purple line, which are the boundaries between set. This means you'll be in set 6 rather than 8, and the clipboard guard will go from 5 -> 8 i.e. through the camera-side door of that big room.

Bunker 2 accurate map with 2nd safe key hearing range

In blue are the hearing distance with 1-6 consecutive kf7 shots of noise in emu. All that's relevant is 3 is going to be too few to practically alert him, and 6 is plenty.

Technical Details


There are 10 patrolling guards[2].


General Tips
  • You can hold Z as you exit the pause menu to buffer the Watch Magnet, and switch to Unarmed while it's still magnetizing[3].
  • Try to position yourself at the cell guard so you're facing Nat's cell and can simply press B and leave after you get the key.


General Tips
  • One of the keys to the level is going through the tape room fast enough for 0:23 pace but without being too fast for the guard to be out of position. In addition to all that, 23 requires a rare boost[4].
  • The advantage for NTSC is that you get the key in beginning faster[5][dubious ].

Secret Agent

General Tips
  • Approach the mainframe room camera from between the pillar and the mainframe so you can hold full speed while shooting it[3].
  • Use KF7 for the last camera. Despite having dual Klobbs, they're just too inaccurate to rely on using.

00 Agent



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