Baby Park

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Baby Park (aka BP) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s third course, and Mushroom Cup's third course.

7 Lap

0 SHROOMERS It's all about the turns, on this course. Please have a look at either a Nobuo or Cesar Martin vid of this course from the vids page. Anyway, if you're good with SSMTs by now, you should be doing 2 on each straight (L and R). On first lap, Turbo R and then R on the turn, L R on the straight, R on the second turn, and L R to cross the line.. just repeat this another 6 times (not as easy as it sounds). If you do it right, you should be ahead of the babies (they shroom twice by this stage).Then do the flap.

Fast Lap

God Strat (sub 8"600)
Can be done any lap 2-7. You start by doing a Right Facing MT, great spot for using the New MT Tech to do a straight MT, just before the line. Do another Right Facing MT and then drift towards the corner where you will shroom and try to take the corner as tightly as possible. Do a Left Facing MT out of the corner then do 2 Straight Right Facing MTs down the straightaway, now your going to try to do the same as the first corner, do a Right Facing MT, drift towards the corner and shroom very tight to the corner. Again do a Left Facing MT out of the corner and add 1 or 2 Straight MTs down to the finish line.


60Hz 7 lap 1'04"072 by (Aron Langerak) 1 lap 8"476 by (Marijn Jongbloed)
50Hz 7 lap 1'03"971 by (Aron Langerak) 1 lap 8"465 by (Hendrik Bunde)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'03"850, God+8 by Andreas Rudmarker
50Hz Flap: 8"354, God+10 by Frederic Vernier

60Hz 3lap: 1'02"611, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn
60Hz Flap: 8"313, God+10 by David Gutierrez Pena

Best splits: 9"348, 8"919*5, 8"313 = 1'02"256

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