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Aztec Complex

Aztec (Part i of Mission 8: Teotihuaca'n) is the nineteenth level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name of this level is Aztec Complex. It is generally thought to be the most difficult of the 20 levels. However, to experienced speed runners this level is no problem. Speedrunning-wise, Caverns 00 Agent (non-JAP) is arguably even harder to survive on.


World Record - 1:24

The current WR-strategy on Agent is Goldeneye's most inconsistent. It involves luring two guards to the glass door instead of three (as on the harder difficulties). The odds of getting adequate animations from both guards (very unlikely), preventing them from getting stuck on the mainframe (which happens very often) AND get them to open the glass door on the same run is extremely rare. All those factors taken into account, the two guards will likely spot you once you're leaving the glass door; and if they do, there is literally NO way they will open the door for you.

Secret Agent

World Record - 1:31

00 Agent

World Record - 1:37


A medium-hard LTK level. It's actually quite easy if you succeed with the glass-door guard-lure. You can also play it "safe" and kill Jaws. Beware that spawning guards will appear later on once Jaws is killed.

The WR of 1:57 is very solid.


The hardest part on this level is the first two rooms. You can either complete this level using the glass-door-strat (which is the fastest way) or play it old-school. The latter involves killing Jaws. The disadvantage is that killing Jaws will make spawning laser guards appear later on. Jaws is also quite hard to kill and requires a lot of patience and focus from the player.

Fortunately, you will get the Moonraker Laser in the latter part of the level, so there shouldn't be any ammo-issues on this level. You might also want to use grenades that some of the guards might pull.

If you're luring guards to the glass door and they open it, taking out the guards might be a bit tricky since you need to kill the two or three guards simultaneously.

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