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The following Eliters and SRW contributors are members of the Xbox Live online gaming community. (Listing ranked by Xbox 360 Live GamerScores.) Click the GamerTag links to be taken directy to their automatically-updated GamerCards.

For the latest rankings, visit the new automatically updated Elite Live Rankings.

Name GamerTag
Ian "Fal" Fallens FalStick
Josh "QB" Lay CieloAzor
Christian "PDM" Fengler G37 PDM
Adam "MYT" Miller The EliteStick
Darren Frickel xX Pelvis Xx
Joey "Icy Guy" Johnston Icy Guy
Shade's Friend NastyJay
Lee "Katslover" Pryor Katslover
Chris "ExpertGamer" Rayola Z33Driver
Robert "Shep" Shepherd darthrob64
Greg Woll GoldenGreg007
Paul "PG" George Bond799
Trent Hovis deterjent
Jon "Ngamer" Barber Ngamer64
Thingy "IsThatAGoodT" Flash The Snorge
Infil Infilament
Jim "Jimbo" Barrett GoldenJimbo007
Derek "SnapDragon" Kisman SnapDragon
Steven "Comet" Haley Comroid
failurewarning failurewarning
Brad "Cyberwrath" bcuts13
Eric "dragondragon" Tapani ImperialSpring
Brent "wheatrich" Wingert wheatrich

GamerCards (Updated Hourly)

FalStick.png failurewarning.png The%20EliteStick.png
CieloAzor.png SnapDragon.card.png Icy+Guy.png
xX%20Pelvis%20Xx.png Katslover.png NastyJay.card.png
Comroid.png Z33Driver.png Death%20Shang.png
Bond799.png Infilament.png DrFace007.png
The%20Snorge.png l337O.png Ngamer64.png
ImperialSpring.png GoldenJimbo007.png darthrob64.png