Town Archery

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A sub-game in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, found in Clock Town.

As for all Majora's Mask sub-games, rankings for this game are hosted by N64HS at [1].

The (maxed) world record for this sub-game is 50 points. This is a relatively easy WR to tie.


First Wave - Back Left, Mid Center, Back Right
Second Wave - Mid and Back Right, Back Left
Third Wave - Front Right, Back Mid and Left
Fourth Wave - Front Left and Right, Back Left and Right. Try to sweep from left to right for these.
Fifth Wave - Mid and Back Center. Just Let 'er rip up the middle.
Sixth Wave - Center Left, Mid Front, and Back Right. Just sweep from left to right again.
Seventh Wave - Back Left and Right. Front Right. Again, just sweep left to right.
Eighth Wave - The next three are all along the back row. Again, just sweep.
Ninth Wave - Another simple one. Three right up the Mid row.
Tenth Wave - Left Center, Back and Front Right. Left to Right and Back to Front.
Eleventh Wave - Left Front and Back, Mid Center, Right Back and Front. Go from Front to Back on the Left, then across, and Back to Front on the Right side.
Twelfth Wave - Again all on the Back Row. Just repeat strategy from Wave Eight.
Thirteenth Wave - All across the Center Row. Sweep Left to Right, but be careful. The bad (Blue) Octo's are lined up behind that one.
Fourteenth Wave - Left Center and Back. Right Center and Back. Left to Right sweep again.
Fifteenth Wave - Be Quick with this one. Fire three Quick arrows down the Middle to Hit the Three lined up there, then quickly shoot the one on the Back left, then the Back right.

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