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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://thengamer.com/xstats/elite/ranks.php?name=Zwartjes Zwartjes' Elite Contest History]
* [http://thengamer.com/xstats/elite/ranks.php?name=Zwartjes Steven's Elite Contest History]
{{2008 Elite Summer Contest}}
{{2008 Elite Summer Contest}}

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Steven Zwartjes

Steven Zwartjes is one of those guys that has just been around forever.

Nintendo Dominance

During the time Steven was "most active", he was considered the best Nintendo player in the internet world by many people, becoming champion in almost every single game he played. He was also one of the first players who put his races on VHS tape to show proof of his achievements and to share his unique strats with other players. Despite contoversy over his Aztec agent World Record claim, few will deny that he was one of the strongest Goldeneye players in the early days of the game.

Years ago, when Holland used to have Nintendo Championships (i.e. high-score and head-to-head competitions between all the Crazy Dutch PR Smash Virus sufferers, under one roof), Steven used to be one of the most feared entrants, and usually won.

Mario Kart

Steven's dominance also covers Mario Kart games, which was one of the first games he competed online for. He initially played Super Mario Kart just for himself, but quickly found that his times were faster than what the SMK sites used on their rankings. In Mario Kart 64 he battled for the PAL championship with Peter Elsaesser in 1997 until he retired early 1998.

In 1999 Steven returned, climbed quickly through the King and Legend ranks and became #1 again before 2000. He would stay at there for almost 2 more years, scoring some legendary marks such as Luigi Raceway 1'58"14 (1'38"25), which was beaten (a long time later) by Michael Jongerius by just 0.01. His Royal Raceway 2'23"86 was considered the second best time ever.

Steven joined the Mario Kart Double Dash!! ranks in February 2005 and debuted at around 110th spot, but quickly climbed to the Top 40 before he stopped playing.

Current Gaming

At the moment, Steven seems to be mainly playing random Flash games, which he deviously comes to the Elite boards to post about, before shattering the egos of all the silly people who decide to challenge him.


Outside of gaming, Steven's appearance has changed dramatically over the years. He used to be lanky and sickly, but more recently he has buffed up. He even entered a "Mr Holland" competition, where 500,000 others entered. Apparently there was a 10-person jury, and he had to answer some personality questions, as well as send in 3 photographs, so it must've been a serious thing. Steven went all the way to the Final 10. While he didn't win it, we can rest assured Steven wiped the floor with the competition in the Swimsuit round.

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